Hire Notes presents musicians booking platform at MIT Hacking Arts

We presented our musicians’ booking platform and celebrated our users towards our upcoming launch announcement

The Hire Notes team and musicians at the Hacking Arts 2016 Tech Expo

We started Hire Notes because today more than ever musicians are relying on live performances for income. When we started performing professionally, we saw how broken the booking process can get. It’s a manual world: every musician, agent, presenter, or client coordinates performances their own way and many scramble to make everything work. Musicians regularly get paid late, and many report sometimes getting stiffed altogether. As musicians with diverse career backgrounds and skills, we decided to create a platform to solve these challenges.

Screenshots of Hire Notes on desktop and mobile

With better tools, bookings can work better for musicians and their clients. Hire Notes offers musicians a performance dashboard. They can use it to plan performances and invite band/ensemble-mates. In the process, the platform creates and secures contracts and payments for performers. Musicians can network with each other to form groups. Patrons can find, hire, and pay musicians in a simple process over the web or by text (252–3HN-OTES).

Hire Notes beta musician impact metrics

In beta, only 0.2% of payments experienced any issues. We covered the affected musician ourselves the same day. A large user that A/B tested our impact saw a 5x increase in their web visitors converting into bookings, and budgets grow 2x on average between request and confirmation stages.

Hire Notes facilitated a public performance for Capital One Bank in Boston’s Copley Square

Musicians have already used Hire Notes to coordinate 170 performances and earn over $120K in beta. Testers ranged from students to Grammy nominees. We’ve started partnering with schools to help patrons find and hire local talent, working with the New England Conservatory in Boston and expanding soon to San Francisco. Patrons hiring musicians included companies like Capital One Bank, the Geometry Ad Agency, Partners Healthcare, and Harvard, Tufts, and Boston Universities.

After presenting our platform at the conference, we’re now inviting musicians who coordinate performances to sign up and try our solution. Help us reach those who could benefit from a better way to manage bookings.