Hiring Fresh Graduates : Recruitment Strategies for Helping You Select the Best

Several companies are skeptical about hiring fresh talent. There reason being that they are an inexperienced lot. The amount of time it would take the company to teach them how to do their work, they could probably do more within the same time frame with a more experienced lot of employees.

While it may be true that an employee who has relevant experience would not require as much time and effort to function effectively at a job you are offering, it hardly qualifies as a good enough reason to not hire any fresh talent.

In fact, we can think of some fantastic reasons why you should hire fresh graduates especially if being innovative is one of the top priorities for your company. It is these “inexperienced” graduates who are up to the brim with the best ideas that can help any business climb the ladder of innovation. They are hungry and foolish and want to make a difference more than anything.

One of the best reasons to hire fresh talent is their aptitude for learning, which is considerably higher, and they don’t need to “unlearn” any industry-specific limitations that is usually picked up with experience. They start looking at your company as an outsider without too much mental baggage about how other companies work.

So you should absolutely consider getting them on board. If you are keen on this idea, then you should probably think of revising your recruitment strategies a little as well, since you may need to shift gears when it comes to hiring fresh graduates.

And in this post we will tell you just how to shift those gears and hire the best fresh talent that’s out there.

1: Get Social

With fraternity days not too far behind them, the fresh graduates are highly social beings. The best way to “blend in” with the crowd is learning their jargon and spreading word on their preferred mode of interaction, be it Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or whatever the latest fad is.

As a business looking to get some fresh talent to work with, one of your major recruiting strategies for hiring fresh graduates should be to provide them with ample opportunity to connect with your company. Let them talk with graduates from the same university who have taken roles in your company to ease them into understanding the full extent of the requirements of the job. There is no better way for giving them a feel of your company’s culture, all the while promoting your company as an ideal destination to work.

An increasing amount of companies are now focusing heavily on getting more social with the candidates, there is a paradigm shift of sorts in the works with the up-tight intimidating recruiter personality metamorphosing to a friendly, casual and more approachable one. On that note, avoid age old templates of writing impersonal job posting descriptions. Try to make it all about them, how it is beneficial for them to work for you, try putting a “sales guy” hat on when coming up with the job description. Real-time answers to their queries, a scheduled Live Chat session via a social media platform, webinars, and information sessions are just some of the ways you can let the fresh graduates get to know your business better and get them more interested at the same time.

2: Keep it Simple and Direct

Since we have already established that the job seekers in this scenario are inexperienced, it would be better for you to make them aware of a job offer by keeping things as simple and direct as possible. For example, a tech company looking to hire fresh talent should avoid using industry jargon that may be common to them, but may not be common to the fresh graduates.

If you are posting a job advert for fresh graduates, make it easy for them to understand exactly what you are looking for rather than intimidate them by posting difficult-to-follow- job postings. Once, you were in their shoes, try explaining the skills needed for performing the job, the typical work day for the employees that have worked on similar roles in the company, the challenges and the potential for growth in very simple terms as if you were explaining to your own younger self.

3: Make Them Feel a Part of Something Big

Fresh graduates today have a very different kind of mindset than what we had a decade back. They are no longer considering their passions and jobs separately, they want to be passionate about the work they do. They want to know what impact they are making on the industry, the society and the future. They have an urge to be a part of something which they feel is ultimately going to make a positive difference in their life, or someone else’s life, or is going to be meaningful in some way or the other. Hence your recruitment strategies for hiring fresh graduates should be done in a manner where your potential employee feels that by working for you, they would be working on something with a greater impact.

In reality, most of the jobs do not have a life changing impact on the general public or the future, they in some way fit in the company like clogs in a giant machine. It becomes your job to paint a picture as to how each role contributes to the survival of the company, and how by supporting the company they are becoming a part of a force that is changing the shape of the industry. Help them see the purpose in their roles and you won’t have to spend money on advertising or worry about loyalty after they join in.

Follow these simple yet effective 3 recruitment strategies to hire the best fresh talent that would be shaping the future of your company!

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