Joining HireGo

HireGo is a sharing economy decentralized app for automating car sharing.

I’m excited to be joining HireGo as a Blockchain Advisor. Hirego interested me a lot since I’m a big proponent of a bigger push into decentralizing all sharing economy applications. HireGo pushes for automation of a lot of problems with car sharing, making it easy to find a car, use it for a couple of hours or days, then drop it off. In addition, by using Originprotocol, users can ensure that anyone using their cars have a certain reputation.

The HireGo app looked pretty straightforward to use without prior knowledge of blockchain, which is going to be key in all future dApps.

About me: I’m a technical entrepreneur with over 6 years of software engineering in Cloud Computing and Blockchain. I was a software engineer at Google and Amazon, and in early 2017 I wrote my first dApp, and realized the huge potential of decentralization. I quit Google and co-founded Beetoken where I lead the engineering team to build a decentralized platform for home sharing, while partnering with Originprotocol who promised to provide full decentralized solutions for sharing economy dApps.