Blockchain Peer to Peer Car insurance

HireGo is reinventing Car sharing using Blockchain and smart contracts. We are diminishing the role of middle men and other monopolising intermediaries giving control and profits back to the users.

Users such as private individuals or businesses can list their cars on the HireGo marketplace. Users can custom search and select cars to be hired by the hour, mile or day.

Insurance is possibly the first thing to come to mind when thinking of using a car. Blockchain is disrupting the insurance industry thanks to peer to peer insurance.

Peer to peer insuarance is based on a community of trusted members who are rewarded for good behaviour and practices using tokens. This community can vouch for one another, giving guarantees of users’ reliability.

By encouraging a robust and vibrant car sharing community, also with the use of token incentives, HireGo users will have access to significantly discounted insurance rates when compared to traditional insurance. This saving could be up to 80% compared with traditional insurance.

The insurance option will be available within the HireGo app so users can access cars seamlessly.

This saving together with zero commission charged to the car owner will encourage users to list cars on the HireGo platform, creating the worlds largest car share vehicle market place.

HireGo is leading the transition to decentralised car sharing, the future of mobility.

Join this exciting project by investing in our pre sale now live www.hirego.