Welcome Ali Ayyash (former Google and Amazon)

We are delighted to announce Ali Ayyash as our senior Blockchain advisor.

Ali was Lead Engineer at Bee Token, decentralised Air BnB on Blockchain.

Working with Ali we will continue our remarkable progress and build on our demo DApp to launch the public Beta version app to be launched in Q3.

Here are some words from Ali on his previous work;

“ Before Bee Token, I worked as a software engineer at Amazon and Google building products in the public cloud. I’ve been following the developments in the blockchain since early 2017, and realized the potential of it, especially the Ethereum blockchain. I realized that the best way to support it is to join the network, improve it by providing protocols that benefit the network, and build an amazing application on it.”

HireGo is accelerating the transition to decentralised car sharing which will play a major role in the connected shared mobility future.

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For more;


Telegram; https://t.me/hirego

Email; contact@hirego.io