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Introducing Mav 2.0

We’re excited to introduce you to an all new Mav. You know Mav as the first AI-powered texting assistant, but now Mav has a new look, a new website and a lot of new skills.

Meet your new digital assistant

New Website

It’s now easier than ever to see, feel and understand what Mav is, why you need it, and why your leads love texting with Mav. It’s time to upgrade your sales with artificial intelligence. See what’s new and how Mav can help you on

New Look

We’ve upgraded and modernized Mav’s style to a darker, more vibrant look. We’re still the same Mav, now with a refreshed look to match our style and vision of the future, too. Say hello 👋 and let us know what you think of our new branding on Twitter.

New Features

Speaking of why you need Mav, we’ve improved and upskilled Mav on a variety of skills designed to help your business scale. This includes our Smart Intents, Auto Re-Engagements, Smart Texting Windows, Programmatic Triggering and a LOT more (trust us). We’ve also streamlined our offering to make it even easier to automate the back-and-forth with your customers.

Here’s how Mav can help you today:

Lead Introduction

Instantly introduce your sales rep with automated introductions by Mav

Boost your lead to contact rate with automated sales rep introductions by Mav. By instantly introducing your sales rep and sharing their contact card, you’ll boost the lead-to-contact rate and personalize the first point of contact. As an added bonus, on iOS and Android the sales reps name will show up when they call, text or leave a voicemail.

With Mav, you’ll never have to worry about a lead slipping through the cracks, no matter what day or time a lead comes in. Learn more about how it works.

Lead Qualification

Automate lead qualification via text

Get more qualified, ready-to-close leads delivered to your inbox with lead qualification by Mav. Instead of your sales reps spending their valuable time qualifying, chasing down leads and hoping they don’t go cold, let Mav handle it. In an automated, two-way text conversation, Mav qualifies your leads and nurtures them with Smart Re-Engagements until they complete the process, making talking to unqualified leads a thing of the past. Learn more about how it works.

Lead Follow Up

Follow up and Nurture on a consistent basis with follow ups by Mav

Lead follow up and nurturing is essential for success, but dedicating the time and remembering to do it consistently is a pain. Are they still interested? Instead of chasing them down, schedule persistent follow ups with Mav. In an automated two-way conversation, Mav will follow up with the lead on their preferred date, confirm they’re still interested, and can schedule a new time to chat with a sales rep. Learn more about how it works.

We’re looking forward to continuing to bring you more solutions and skills to help you automate your sales and scale your business with Mav. Stay tuned.

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