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5 truths no one tells you about a job search!

Finding yourself a job as a college fresher or even as an experienced professional is not just a search, it’s a hunt! There are not enough jobs available for the whole workforce and only a few that are perfect for you. However, just like every great hunter, you’ve got to take up the challenge and win it with accuracy and perseverance.

Here are 5 truths no one will tell you about a job search, and how to move forward:

  1. It takes time — Many companies have a hiring cycle, others only hire on need-basis. Prepare in advance a list of companies you’d like to work for, research their hiring cycles and interview styles, and stay updated. Interview processes themselves take a long time but your journey starts well before the job posting,
  2. It’s all or nothing — You have to find multiple routes to your destination. Networking, earning referrals, job/internship fairs. Online application, calling up the company HR. Before you need to get a foot in the door, it’s all hard work and tactical thinking, after that, let your talent speak!
  3. You have to be different — Everyone wants that job, everyone makes a resume but YOU are not everyone! Show the employer what makes you unique. Companies like Hiresome vouch for uniqueness and through their VideoCV platform, they make it possible and fun!
  1. There will be rejection — Even after doing everything right, sometimes, the answer is ‘no’ but if you think about it, rejection is redirection. Take feedback from the previous HRs, find what didn’t work for them and improve yourself.
  2. Customisation is key! — Tailor your cover letters based on the company you’re applying to, add in keywords from the JD to make an impact. Hiresome VideoCVs are customised for every job, that, partnered with a killer-cover letter is going to be your key to success!



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