A complete list of talent sourcing tools

Steven Jiang
Jul 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Sourcing has been much easier because of tools. However there are too many sourcing and recruiting tools in the market. Sometimes you just feel it’s too hard to find good ones for your specific use cases.

Hiretual team works together with top sourcers and recruiters to collect the sourcing tools our recruiters use everyday. It’s a long but organized list. Please feel free to share it if you find it useful.

First of all, let’s look at what Greg Hawkes, Senior Recruiter at MD Anderson Cancer Center, has in his toolbox: Hiretual, DataMiner, Search-Preview, Autopagerize, Bing CSE.

He also summarizes the “Go To”sites for healthcare talent sourcing: Federal Election Committee (FEC.gov), Free Patents Online, Search is Back (Facebook Search), Google Scholar, Texas Board of Engineering, BizStanding, Trustoria, Doximity, Npino, Angel List (for Start-Ups).

Now we should seriously look at Dean Da Costa’s list. Dean is called “The Search Authority” in our recruiter community. His tool list may save you thousands!

I just cannot imagine how could we do it better for the list. It’s complete and amazing!

There is another master you cannot afford to miss. His name is Todd Davis. He has trained sourcing professionals and recruiters at various companies and he’s known as a sourcing expert.

Todd maintains a list called “These are the top tools that have helped me be successful”. Here it is: Hiretual, Evernote, Intelligence Search, LinkedIn Search Tool, Lusha, Indeed.

Todd also maintains a comprehensive list with more than 250 tools. He puts tags, category, rating and description to each tool in the list. What an amazing contribution to our community. He deserves a huge shout out!

There are hundreds of sourcing tools, and thus shopping for tools becomes a difficult task to most of us. I personally recommend to choose a complete sourcing solution so that you don’t have to install 10+ chrome extensions and bookmark 10+ websites. Hiretual might be the best option for every sourcer and recruiter. Ping me if you want to learn more (stevenjiang@hiretual.com).


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