How to Set Up Google Alerts for Better Recruiting

RIF/layoff might be a valuable source for recruiters. Put Google alerts to see which company is doing layoff. A timely knowledge of a layoff in a company you usually target for recruiting could provide you with considerable leverage to source candidates looking for jobs. This situation could be beneficial to and the candidates who will probably be more responsive to your requests as well.

Step 1: Login Google and go to alert setup page

Picture 1: Google alerts page

Step 2: Add keywords “reduction-in-force” and “layoff” in the alerts.

Picture 2: Add keywords to the alerts.

You can click “Show options” to customize the alert further. If everything looks good, click “Create Alert”.

Picture 3: See the newly created alert in the alert list.

I strongly recommend you to further configure (click the configuration button on the right top corner of Picture 3) the alerts to make it “Digest” mode. I prefer to receive the alter at most once a day in a single email. See picture 3.

Picture 3: configure My alerts to have digest email once a day in a single email.

You’re all set. Once there’re any news related to your alerts, you will receive an email containing “reduction-in-force” or “layoff” information.

Picture 4: Google alerts send you an email containing news related to the keywords you set.

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