Meaning of Historiotheque: ἵστωρ (hístōr, “witness”) +‎ θήκη (thḗkē, “box, chest”). The idea of The Historiotheque began as a name for my art studio which I was designing into a modular workspace. The studio houses my Art Operation which consists of visual art, sound art, language art.

Soon it became more than that. It became a veritable “witness-box”. It is a cross between an art studio and a modern museum, what I call The Museum of Modern Antiquity. It houses my personal Archives. It is my Art Station.

Soon it became even more than that. It has become my Temple, a veritable modern-day Tabernacle. The difference is that I’m not a high priest. I’m just an artist. But it functions in a similar way. The “ritual” in the case of the Historiotheque is a rigorous design workflow management methodology.

I also write code, but that’s not my principal activity in the Historiotheque. Really it consists of world-watching and then applying my rigorous methodology to create cultural artifacts that are also cultural innovations.

Every neighborhood could have its own Historiotheque, a witness to the living history of Any Place.