Lost Tapes pt.2

Dominion Bridge Complex

What I heard blaring out of an abandoned factory sounded like techno was at war with itself. I assumed that the people responsible must have come all the way from Detroit to throw this party. What I knew about electronic music was scarce, but ever since I heard one of the tapes in Dinu’s car, I was pulled. “Techno, man, they call it TECHNO,” he laughed, not bothering to turn down the volume so we could talk about it. I wasn’t laughing. I wasn’t talking. Whenever I asked him about the music, he’d only say something vague like that. He stopped to get gas once, and I ejected the tape to see a phone number written on the label. When I called, it was an American voice. I gave him my address, and he started sending the tapes. He asked in return for whatever I could afford to cover the cost of the tape and the shipping. Pulsing out of the doors, through a row of broken trucks, it was not the music from the tapes. It was more melodic, and it had layers that were all peeling off each other, thickening like a heavy book as I got closer to the entrance, red and yellow lights bouncing through the fence. A big Russian guy held out his hand in front of a wide alley that the fence was protecting. Another guy patted me down, took my wallet from my pocket, and handed the Russian guy my ID. He looked at it and nodded, handed my wallet back to me and opened the fence. Inside, in front of hundreds, dancing, two DJs stood framed by a symmetrical composition of enormous speakers. The biggest speaker on each side held a flag: one of each German Republic. I stood for a moment feeling that same massive pull I’d felt in the car, but this was stronger. I felt the sweat start from my hair and I looked at the hundreds who were also sweating. There were not packs of people in separated by nation, or in any recognizable team formation, there were no aisles or paths to follow, it was just walls of bodies and wet hair under flickering lights. I started pushing my way in through the crowds, trying to catch a glimpse of any faces I could. The deeper I got into the sea of bodies, I began to feel more skin than clothing as I rubbed past dozens of bodies, hoping that this is not where I’d find my sister.