When Tourists In Chicago Got Drenched In Poop

A tour bus unloaded its lavatory tank from a bridge into an open boat.

Karthick Nambi
World history in chunks


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

It was a fine afternoon over the river of Chicago. Tourists marveled at the beauty of the city and the river. As they were amused and traveled through the river, an accident drenched them with loads of crap. Yes, you read it right. It’s indeed crap, and how did it happen?

Rivers have always been a bedrock for human civilization. They provide the much-needed fresh water for a civilization to flourish, and the fertile soil created by the river is rich in minerals for cultivation. Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley civilizations are a few examples of civilizations that developed on river banks. Even in the modern day, many major cities across the world are located on river banks. Chicago is one such city, and seeing the city on an open boat is a famous activity for tourists.

The Incident:


On 8th August 2004, a group of tourists took an open boat trip on the Chicago River and enjoyed the city’s beauty. Meanwhile, a tour bus used by Dave Matthews’s band happens to drive by a bridge across the…