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These 450+ History Organizations Want Your COVID Story

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3 min readApr 16, 2020


The map below is continually being updated with initiatives around the world, thanks to a collaboration with the International Federation for Public History.

We keep hearing it: Unprecedented. Once in a lifetime. Living through history.

COVID-19, a global pandemic in a world that’s more interconnected than ever before, presents us with a historic moment. It’s an unwelcome one, to be sure, but ours nonetheless. As an organization rooted in the power of the past, we know our day-to-day experiences, stories, artifacts and recollections will become the primary source for future generations to learn “what it was like.”

Happily, we’re not in this alone. The world’s historical societies and museums — including many Made By Us partners — have quickly stepped up to capture our stories. While they’ve long been the keepers of the past, right now, these institutions have rapidly shifted to serve in the present, ensuring the breadth and diversity of COVID-19 stories enter the historical record.

Over 200 organizations have put out a call to “share your story” or “submit your object,” and we’ve documented them all on this map.

Thanks to the power of collaboration, we’ve gone global.

UPDATE, April 24, 2020: We’re going international! We’ve collaborated with the International Federation for Public History to expand our map beyond the USA. The pandemic is global, and our stories — perhaps more than ever before — are interconnected.

UPDATE, Aug. 1, 2020: We’re up to 450 contributions to the map, around the world!

Get started

We have some pro tips on thinking through what you might want to save for future generations. For inspiration, check out the selections from our history friends. We’re also capturing these on social media using #TrashOrTreasure.

Be part of the local story

Local history showcases important voices, especially as experiences vary so much from place to place. Use this map to navigate to your location and locate the pin nearest you. Click on the pin to pull up a window with the link to the collecting initiative. Follow the link to learn how to submit.

Know an organization that should be listed on the map? Fill out this form.

National Story-Collecting Opportunities

Looking to submit your story to a national initiative, or perhaps one just healthcare employees or front-line service workers? Here’s a start:

Trail Theatre in Coral Gables, FL. Marquees are one example of ephemera we may want to save from this era, to remember “what it was like.”