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History of Women, July 12. Because feeds are fickle.

This is our first newsletter, and it’s filled with murder, mayhem and Victorian romance. What else would you expect from History of Women?

1. The Murder of a Medici Princess

Women didn’t commit adultery and get away with it in the Medici court.
by Carlyn Beccia | Read this story

2. Chicago’s Free-Range Impressionist Diva

I feel touched by a crazy, delightful, disheveled angel.
By Art Nunymiss | Read this story

3. Irdabama And The Women From Another World

A “once upon a time” land where women had equal pay, equal rights and equal status.
By Sajjad Choudhury | Read this story

4. Infamous Female Killers — Pistol-Packin’ Mamas And Their Crimes

Bonnies without Clydes defy stereotypes in 16 bizarre true crime tales
By Janice Harayda | Read this story

5. Victorian Romance and Rejection in the Language of Flowers

A man could make you blush or break your heart just by the flowers he tucked in a posy.
By Linda Caroll | Read this story

About us:

If history was a Hollywood movie, the editing room floor would be littered with the stories of women clipped to make room for men’s stories. We’re here to tell those stories.

P.S. Every Monday you’ll get five of our newest or best stories. Read one a day, or read them all at once. Also, a grateful welcome to the new writers who bring more to this publication than I could have alone. Strength in unity! If you love History of Women, why not write with us?



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Linda Caroll

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