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History of Women

Ona Judge: The Woman Who Bested George Washington

How a young woman outsmarted and outlasted the wealth and power of the first United States President

Beautiful Black woman with freckles
Not Ona Judge, but she may have looked a little bit like this beautiful woman. Photo by vision perspective from Pexels

Absconded from the household of the President of the United States on Staurday afternoon, ONEY JUDGE, a light Mulatto girl, much freckled, with very black eyes, and bushy black hair — She is of middle stature, but…




If history was a Hollywood movie, the editing room floor would be littered with the stories of women clipped to make room for men’s stories. We are here to tell those stories.

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The older I get, the less I know. That won’t stop me from writing about everything and anything under the sun. Join me in delighting and despairing about life.

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