Murder in Lapland: Who Killed 20-Year-Old Elli Immo?

A cold case from 1950s Finland

Colourised head and shoulders studio portrait of a young white woman (Elli Immo). The woman is looking into the camera and smiling slightly. Photo has been taken by Kemin Kuvaamo photo studio.
A professional studio portrait of Elli Immo, taken in Kemi, Finnish Lapland when she was 19. Image Source.

EElli Immo was murdered on a footpath in a city suburb two weeks before Christmas 1955. In the annals of Finnish crime, her unsolved killing should stand alongside the murders of Kyllikki Sari in 1953 and Riitta Pakkanen and Eine Nyyssönen in 1959.



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Chloe Wells

Chloe Wells


True crime and strange tales mostly. Top writer for the tag ‘Finland’.