The ‘Mad Cow Disease’ Scandal

How the UK Government put millions at risk of a 100% fatal illness

Colour photo of a piece of roasted beef being sliced with a large knife. The meat is pink (medium rare) within, outside is brown. The meat is on a wooden chopping or serving board.
A piece of cooked beef. Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash.

ItIt was just before Christmas 1984 when Cow 133 on Stent Farm in Sussex, England began to behave strangely. The cow’s head was trembling and it had lost co-ordination. The cow died in February 1985 and was sent for autopsy. It was not until September that the result came back that the cow had died of the…



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Chloe Wells

Chloe Wells


True crime and strange tales mostly. Top writer for the tag ‘Finland’.