The Oracle of Q

How the history of Revelatory Religion, Prophets and the Oracle of Delphi can help explain the past, present and future of QAnon

Q Goes to Washington — Win McNamee / Getty Images

In the beginning, there was Q…

QAnon has become the world’s fastest spreading conspiracy theory. It first grew on internet chatrooms 4chan and 8chan (later re named 8kun), where anonymous users, or Anons, could post freely, uninhibited through their lack of identity.

Eric Trump’s now deleted Instagram Post — note: WWG1WGA is a common acronym in the Q-mmunity, standing for ‘Where We Go One, We Go All.’
  1. President Donald Trump, leading a secret team of military intelligence officers, is waging war against them;
  2. The cabal will be exposed, arrested and tried in an event called “The Storm.” This will lead to civil unrest and then, eventually, a golden age of prosperity;
  3. This team, and the President himself, are attempting to communicate covertly to the American public, so that they can rely on their support when “The Storm” comes.

You Say You Want a Revelation…

This essay, however, wants to explore why the audience was so receptive, both to Q, and indeed, to these other LARPs. It is clear to this observer, that Q was a prophet, in the classic sense. In a revealed religion, an ordering, omnipotent deity reveals the Truth to their prophet, who spreads the good word to their followers, who then join the movement due to the promise of a better world.

God, revealed to Moses in the Burning Bush — C14th Manuscript held by the National Library of the Netherlands

The Anon of Delphi

There was one more element to Q’s success as a tinfoil-hat prophet, and its origins lie not in the Abrahamic tradition, but in the mountains of Ancient Greece. The Oracle of Delphi was situated high in the sheet-sheer slopes of Mount Parnassus, but was visited by supplicants from all over the Ancient Mediterranean. It was the home of the Pythia, a priestess who, when possessed by the god Apollo, would shake and writhe in rapturous frenzy before entering a deep trance. She answered the pilgrims questions, sometimes in prose, other times in verse. Thus were Apollo’s prophecies revealed.

Delphi in Parnassus — Getty Images

The Crowd-Sourced Conspiracy

The HUMA example highlights the startlingly new aspect of Q’s prophecies. His conspiracy was, in effect, crowd-sourced. He could ask question after question and watch his followers fly off and return with links to obscure news stories, wild theories and misinformation. He could follow which theories gained traction and which lead to dead-ends.

The Domesday Blog

What does this tell us? Post January 6th, the QAnon conspiracy has been driven further underground, after major social networks removed Q — related content. The Q-mmunity showed no sign of losing their faith however. Instead their beliefs have become more and more unhinged, shown by the crowds that flocked to Dallas in November 2021, awaiting a new revelation — the resurrection of JFK, coming out of self-imposed exile at the age of 103 to defeat the paedophiles.



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