Twitter Reactions: Our Fans are NOT Happy We Didn’t Win Any MiLBYs

At the end of each Minor League season, puts together the MiLBYs, which recognize a whole hoard of different honors from the season that was. Topics include a bunch of stuff, and this year, the Bulls were nominated or included in the nomination for four MiLBYs:

  • Best Team
  • Best Farm System
  • Top Home Run
  • Photo of the Year

We did not win any of them. As you can imagine, we took umbrage to that a little bit, and displayed it on Twitter:

Our reaction to the announcement of Best Farm System
Our reaction to the announcement of Best Team

But, our ire was nothing compared to that of our fans. Our fans, who time and time again, show us an unreal loyalty. Here are some of our favorite fan reactions to us not winning these awards:

Y’all are beautiful. Y’all are the best. Don’t ever change.