The Best Update Ever from Hitlist (#23)

This past month Hitlist reached a new high for downloads and bookings — 14x annual growth, compared to the same month last year.

Much of this was spurred by two articles in BuzzFeed. But we also ran a marketing campaign in Spain that shot us up to #2 in travel and #28 overall — heights we’ve only previously achieved during App Store features. It’s great to figure out how to move the needle on our own, especially as we go into the summer travel season.

THIS MONTH’s FOCUS: payments + press

  • I’d love to talk to anyone who has set up IATA accreditation or done payment processing/assisted booking for a travel startup
  • We’re looking for story ideas to pitch to press. We have a bounty of interesting data that could be turned into newsworthy and/or clickbaity stuff. (What destinations are comparably cheap right now compared to a year ago? Do people who live in Brooklyn have different destination preferences than people who live in Manhattan?). Anything you think Hitlist might know that you’d like to know?
  • In conjunction with the above: we’re looking for someone passionate about diving into data and/or pitching press. Job description for the more data science-y version of the role, click to tweet.


  • The Hitlist app v3.5 is out and with it our referral system. Share the personalized link you find from your profile page on Twitter, Facebook, text or email to earn points, which will earn you things like free flights to Australia (more on that soon!)
  • We’re running a sweepstakes campaign with Fathom, Martha Stewart Weddings, Atlas Obscura, and Food52 to ‘the Jennifer Aniston of destinations’, Italy, starting next week. If you like free trips to Italy, visit this link after 5/23.
  • We had a team meeting in Malmö to chart next steps in product development. Thanks Veronika Bartosch for connecting us to Minc, a fantastic government-sponsored coworking space. Highly recommended if you need a free offsite that feels like the inside of an IKEA catalog.


  • I’m speaking at the M1 Summit, sponsored by ENIAC Ventures, on May 17th in NYC. Request an invite here.
  • I’ll be at Travel Tech Con in San Francisco May 21st. Tickets here.

WHY WE’RE DOING THIS: 88% of people abandon their flight bookings because they’re just trying to educate themselves on what options are available. What a waste of time and energy (and API calls for the search provider). Some day, we hope Hitlist will save you from having to look for flights (or hotels or activities) at all, because we’ll know you well enough to suggest the ideal option at thebest price every time.
GIF OF THE MONTH: I’m going to make this one a caption contest: reply with your best.

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