The Best Update Ever from Hitlist (#25)

We spent the summer escaping from Alcatraz and deepening our relationships with tourism boards.

The destination marketing industry is complex and inefficient, but Hitlist has a simple solution: offer discounts (flight subsidies or other products) directly to consumers who are already inclined to go to your destination.

We’ve run some pilots that have resulted in more cheap flights for Hitlist users, an additional revenue stream for us, and more travelers to more destinations #winwinwin

This month’s ask: please introduce me to contacts at tourism boards/destination marketing organizations who are interested in targeting millennials.

And a gift: Last year’s Skift Global Forum, ‘the largest creative business forum in the global travel industry’, featured Ivanka Trump back when we all thought her father’s run was just a bad joke, and yours truly talking about how startups can David the industry Goliaths. This year (September 27–28th in NYC) features its most impressive lineup yet: CEOs of, Expedia, Marriott, TripAdvisor, Etihad, etc. Use code: HITLIST20 at checkout to receive 20% OFF — over $650 in savings. For those interested in changing trends in travel across sectors, geographies, and functional silos, this = can’t miss.


  • v4.0 with long-awaited filtering by number of stops and carrier is in the final works, shipping by the end of this month
  • back in April we asked for help connecting with influencers/strategic partners who could help spread the good word. This led to content in Hitlist from the likes of instafamous photographers Gray Malin and Burton Snowboards, with many more on the way. Thanks Hitlist family!
  • Nice press: Meet the Brilliant Women behind today’s most popular iPhone Applications (Harper’s Bazaar), 3 best tools for spotting flight deals (O the places we’ll go), and an interview with The Business of Being Awesome podcast
  • Last week I presented Hitlist at the UNWTO’s Happiness360 Conference and met the Secretary-General of the UNWTO, and the ATECH* conference alongside the founder of The Next Web, the publication that is responsible for Hitlist’s first 5000 downloads
  • Courier is a cool new chatbot that sends a personalized, physical postcard anywhere in the world, made by designer Elliott Golden, who also designed our weekly alert emails. Go to to send your card with an extra bit of Hitlist love.

Why we’re doing this: I recently met a young man who had never been out of Texas. He has known he’s gay for ten years but hasn’t formally come out of the closet to his family or peers. He discovered Hitlist earlier this year and set up alerts to San Francisco, Orlando, and New York, where he has friends who live more openly. He’s now been to SF and Orlando, thanks to fares he says he never would have found on his own. He’s planning to tell his family about his orientation, and says he never would have had the courage to do so if he hadn’t seen what life could be like outside of Texas.

Travel is a powerful thing.

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