The Best Update Ever from Hitlist (#30)

Hitlist was featured in Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference last week and can still be seen all over the coverage on the website. Hard to believe we went from a Phonegap app in November 2013 to featured in the keynote address of the most valuable company in the world! Thank you to the team and investors who have taken us this far.

This month’s focus is team: we’re looking for a head of product with experience taking an app from hundreds of thousands to millions. Bonus for strong analytics background, passion for notifications, and travel industry experience. We’ll compensate with founding team level equity and below market cash, at least for the time being. Please send referrals our way!


  • We shipped version 5.0 of Hitlist with a new design and support for better notifications. We’re already seeing a nice uptick in engagement, all the better if you update and check out the changes here.
  • I was honored to speak about ‘disruptive innovation’ at IATA’s Annual General Meeting (the gathering of the CEOs of all major carriers) alongside Jeremy Wertheimer (founded ITA Software, now VP at Google), Brian Saltzburg (head of flights at TripAdvisor), and Christoph Mueller (former CEO of Malaysia Airlines, Aer Lingus, and now CIO of Emirates) last week.
  • You’ve been hearing less from me lately because much of our energy has been dedicated to our B2B partnerships: we help destinations understand and reach their target market. To that end, we’re piloting a ‘Destination Insights’ newsletter, sign up here if you’re interested. And we’re always looking for great contacts at tourism boards and destination marketing organizations who might be interested in smart advertising.
  • I wrote a piece on what matters (and doesn’t) when pitching your startup to the press. Thanks to Jonathan, Chris, Noah, Elisa, Eric, and Peter who helped me edit + publish this!
Alex is a partner at Lightspeed, investors in Snap, AppDynamics, Nutanix etc


I’ll be at TTI in Tel Aviv on June 13th — I’ll be fairly booked with conference stuff but if there’s anyone I must meet in Israel please let me know.


As Peter Bellows, CEO of Malaysia airlines said at the IATA AGM: ‘Booking an airline ticket was easier 32 years ago than it is today.. booking online is torture, the airline web and customer presence is appallingly bad.’ We’d love to bring some common sense innovation to the industry and make it as easy to shop for a flight as it is to buy fairy lights on Amazon.

GIF OF THE MONTH: me on the IATA AGM panel

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