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It started with a question:

What if each of us had a personal assistant?

Well, that sounds great, but we can’t just build an assistant for EVERYONE. Startups don’t work like that — instead of a generic solution for everyone, we aimed to build a specific solution for a specific person.

Content Creators are flooded with messages

We’ve worked closely with Content Creators in the past and we kept hearing the same challenge over and over again:

My inbox is blowing up with messages from fans, collaborators, podcasters, brands. There’s just too much to manage.

Sure, a Creator can hire an Agent to manage brand deals, but that still leaves the tons of messages from other people.

So we decided to tackle this challenge: what would an AI Assistant look like for a Content Creator flooded with inbound messages from people vying for attention?

The AI Assistant would screens messages

Before a person reached the Creator, they would need to be fully vetted: who are they? What do they want? What’s in it for the Creator?

The AI Assistant would prioritize the inbox

The Creator needs to instantly know: what needs my attention right now?

The AI Assistant would politely reject messages

For those people that do not merit the attention of the Creator, the AI Assistant would politely reject them, thanking them for their time and message while leaving the door open to talk again in the future.

And so we built it (well, the MVP version of it). — the AI Assistant for Content Creators flooded with messages from fans, followers, and brands

I’m excited to announce the launch of the MVP of Check it out by hitting me up here:

How it works

All new messages start in your Hits Inbox. From the Hits Inbox, you can Accept or Ignore & archive a chat.

If you Accept a chat, then you start the conversation and the chat is moved to your VIP Inbox.

If you Ignore & archive a chat, then it is arhived and removed from your Hits Inbox.

If you want to get someone’s attention, then you can send them a Giftaccino (a virtual gift).

Sending a Giftaccino gets your message to the TOP of the person’s VIP Inbox.

The recipient has 48 hours to claim their Giftaccino. If they don’t claim it within 48 hours, then the value of the Giftaccino is refunded to you.

Note: recipients of the Giftaccino keep 100% of the proceeds.

Meet the team

Hit us up at anytime:

And here are just some of the Creators using the product:



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