Board proclaims the Week of June the “Annual HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Week” in Multnomah County.

Tez Anderson
May 27, 2018 · 6 min read

From LetsKickASS/Oregon

Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners proclaimed the “Annual HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Week” countywide for the week of June 5th after hearing testimony from Co-Founders of Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome/Oregon Steven Headington and Fred Luna, and Lee Girard, Director at Multnomah County Aging, Disability and Veterans Services (ADVSD).

Let’s Kick ASS—AIDS Survivor Syndrome is a grassroots movement of HIV/AIDS survivors dedicated to ending the isolation among HIV/AIDS long-term survivors. The national movement first began with Let’s Kick ASS in San Francisco, by founder Tez Anderson in 2013. The national movement of Let’s Kick ASS that started in San Francisco inspired Multnomah County residents to form a local chapter called Let’s Kick ASS Portland in April/May of 2014. Let’s Kick ASS Portland started out as a coffee clutch that met once a week in a local coffeeshop, then a restaurant/bar for the first year and a half.

On January 19th of 2016, Let’s Kick ASS (AIDS Survivor Syndrome) Oregon, was born by becoming a non-profit in the State of Oregon and gaining its 501(c)(3) status on June 1st of 2016. In 2017, Let’s Kick ASS — Oregon established a new chapter in Eugene/Springfield. Let’s Kick ASS Oregon currently has over 200 active members.

There are currently three chapters—the first based in San Francisco, Oregon state, and Palm Spring,CA.The board members of each organization work together to ensure that we are all sending the same message to the community while working to grow the movement. Every organization is unique and special, creating their own identity and direction that is ran and led by its community and activity members.

The national movement is growing strong and fast as we mentor or sponsor other affinity groups across the nation. States and/or cities that have started, or are interested in starting, a chapter are: Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Pendleton, OR; Salt Lake City, UT; Austin, TX; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Montana; Minnesota; and New York. There is also international interest from Sydney, Australia, South Africa, Germany and Amsterdam.

Let’s Kick ASS — Oregon would like to give special thanks to Multnomah County Commissioner (District 1) Sharon Meieran who sponsored the proclamation, and her staffer Katie Shriver. We also thank Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury and all the Multnomah County Commissioners for proclaiming the “Annual HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Week” for the week of June 5. We also want to thank the Multnomah County Attorney’s office, and Kate Willson from Multnomah County Communications.

This proclamation was created with collaborative effort and passion from multiple people and agencies. From Let’s Kick ASS — Oregon: Jim Clay, Jim Cox, Marie Fisher, Fred Luna, Steven Headington and John Flack; from ADVSD: Rebecca Miller, Jackie Tate, Eric Grahek and Lee Girard; from the Multnomah County Health Dept: Toni Kempner.

Download the Portland Declaration here:


June 3, 2018, kicks off “Annual HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Week” by celebrating HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day with these events in Portland and a webinar natioanally:

Potluck Picnic at Peninsula Park from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Joining us will be special guest Tez Anderson, founder of the Let’s Kick ASS movement.

To learn more and RSVP Meet Up page:

June 5, 2018 HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day (HLTSAD) is the offical day to celebrate and raise awareness to life and the issues of those living with HIV/AIDS.

We want to remind, educate and to send out the message that HIV/AIDS: It Is (Still) Not Over. It’s the theme of the 2018 awareness day, now on

#HLTSAD2018 #ItIsStillNotOver #LongTermSurvivors

June 5, 2018, join us at 12:00 PM (PST)/3:00 PM (EST) for an online chat about our lives, needs now and our hopes for the future. We are talking questions in the ZOOM chat during the Tez Talk with Tez Anderson and Steven Headington.

Please register and test out your connection early, to join the chat live:

We will start promptly at NOON, Pacific Standard Time.

It will also be simulcast on Facebook Live

To submit questions early please email

For additional information, please visit:

Recent Press

Art and Understanding magazine

The meme ‘we lost an entire generation to AIDS’ is wrong. We lost much of a generation, but there are many of us still here, surviving against the odds.”—Tez Anderson

Download the Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners proclaimed the “Annual HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Week”

Let’s Kick ASS/Palm Springs

Let’s Kick ASS — Palm Springs site:

Read the just-published Kick ASS Manual. It was originally conceived as for front-line providers. The project has shifted away from journal-type articles and towards personal stories by HIV Long-Term Survivors with the goal of informing, increasing the body of knowledge around HIV and thereby improving quality of life for people living with HIV.

“We want them to be approachable and useful to a diverse audience, ranging from professionals and caregivers dealing with people who might have HIV, to people living with HIV, to people who don’t have HIV but want to learn more.”

The Manual can answer questions directly, and suggest sources for further information. It puts a face to aging with HIV, raises awareness around some of the issues that can trouble our lives, and provides ideas about how to improve them.

Download it here:


Yours in resilience,

Tez Anderson

Connect with Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome

Connect Online



HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day June 5

Twitter: @HIVSurvivors

Facebook: HLTSAD

Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome

Join The HIVLong-Term Survivors League a moderated, closed Facebook Group. It is a safe place with amazing people discussing their lives, dreams, goals, issues while building community we have over 1,200 members and all posts are moderated so we keep out the often negative aspects of other Facebook Groups.


HIV Long-Term Survivors Awarness Day

Tez Anderson

Written by

HIV Long-Term Survivor, Writer, Speaker, HIV Activist, Founder Lets Kick ASS grassroots movement empowering @HIVsurvivors. @LetsKickASS_hiv @TezAnderson



HIV Long-Term Survivors Awarness Day

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