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A Ripple Becomes a Mavericks-Style Wave

Tez Anderson
Jun 17, 2018 · 11 min read

The statistics clearly state the need to engage and serve HIV Long-Term Survivors (HLTS). Pre-HAART survivors (defined as living with the virus from 1996 and earlier) make up approximately 25% of all people living with HIV. HAART stands for highly active antiretroviral therapy. This does not include all those living with HIV for 15 years and longer after HAART medication changed the landscape.

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Here is the #HLSTAD2018 Press

Huffington Post

GMHC Launches the Hub for Long-Term Survivors

The Hub at GMHC is a welcoming and supportive environment for our Long-Term Survivor community. If you’re a Long-Term Survivor, it’s a central place to connect — or reconnect — for services, resources, workshops, and events to learn and socialize — and to know that you’re cared about. Gregg Bruckno is the GMHC’s Long-Term Survivor Specialist.

AIDS Survivor Syndrome and Let’s Kick ASS are sighted in this newly released study.

Trauma and Growth: Impact of AIDS Activism

John-Manuel Andriote

You Want to See Resilience in Action? Look At These Guys!

Long-term HIV survivors show how to live with meaning, purpose, and wisdom.

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These are truly words to live by also written by John

There is new study focusing on HIV and Aging

Here’s something I wrote for Time Magazine for World AIDS Day 2017

What It’s Like to Survive HIV for More Than 30 Years Time magazine by Tez Anderson

Watch the video here. (Sorry if the sound quality is not great.)


HIV Long-Term Survivors Awarness Day

Tez Anderson

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HIV Long-Term Survivors Awarness Day