Welcome to HIVE EOS

Hive EOS will bring all the EOS dApps to a community driven dApp store https://ihive.app

Basic Introduction:

This dApp store is designed for the purpose of having an EOS dApp store that will allow you to browse different dApps as well as give feedback and ratings to them. There will be forum elements where everyone from VCs to bloggers can come and discuss everything dApp related. It will come with a built in Hive wallet.

dApps can register through the website.

Where are we going?

As EOS develops, so will the project. Alex would like to make a stand alone web browser with an integrated eos wallet, dApp store, transaction signer while retaining all the social functions that will help dApps become more suited for mass adoption.

Hive EOS 1.0

- discover eos dapps in dapps store: leave review to dapp & rate it, add not existing dapp, add dapp to your dapps list launch https://ihive.app/dapps
- discover Hivers (Hive members and contributors) https://ihive.app/people 
- discuss eos dapps related topics in Hive Talks (share video, photo, link or story — ask question) get Hive coins for comments and posts upvotes: https://ihive.app/stories
- earn Hive coins for sharing your invite link with friend

Help from the community

Hive is community drive, giving feedback & ideas would really help.

If you are working on a new dapp we would love to feature it.

Rating dapps they are already using and discussing issues with developers is a key factor to the success of the EOS system.

Sharing interesting things to discuss in Hive talks and Hive with friends

Would you like to contribute?

Join us on our telegram now! — https://t.me/hiveapp