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Aquasana Cyprus — Customer Journey Automation

We have been working with Aquasana Cyprus to help educate people on the need of clean water in the whole house, while at the same time, establish a customer acquisition flow by creating demand for their water filtration products and retargeting interested users through a customer journey mailing automation.

The Challenge?

Creating a customer journey that will both educate people and allow us to convert leads into customers, conveniently and on a greater scale.

The Solution

Since launching our dedicated landing page about the Whole House Filtration System that Aquasana offers, we have been collecting leads, interested in purchasing the system.

In order to efficiently contact the leads coming from the landing page, we proposed the creation of a customer journey automation which would allow us and the client, prospect and evaluate the needs of each lead and target them through tailored solutions.

Mailchimp enabled us to keep track of their leads and enhance communication, thus it was deemed as a convenient tool to help us set up our customer journey automation flow.

Step 1:

We prepared a customer journey map to allow us to envision our customers’ path and their needs. By evaluating the map, we added contact points related to our CRM, to ensure that throughout the journey, we were actively communicating with our leads through a single point.

Step 2:

We searched for additional tools that will enhance our customer journey and allow us to build our automation, bespoke for a specialised flow for each user and their preferred communication points.

Step 3:

Moving forward with the development of the automation, we prepared all the content needed, including our email templates and validating questionnaire.

Our customer journey begins when a user signs up through our landing page. Automatically, the user receives an email with our questionnaire which we prepared in order to get to know each user and their needs, allowing our client to propose made-to-measure solutions and continue to retarget through email marketing, based on their clean water requirements.

The journey includes multiple touch points, supporting our goals of actively engaging with potential customers based on their intent, converting leads and building on Aquasana’s customer relationships.

Since the launch of the automation, we have been receiving great responses to our customer acquisition efforts, which has enabled us to grow our mailing list, increase our conversion rates by more than +9% and keep in touch with our leads about news and offers to maintain a pool of high intent users, primed to buy when ready.

The next day

To develop a fully integrated experience over a single pillar of information to provide live response to the needs of existing buyers and “predict” the point of purchase for potentials.




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