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I can finally prove to my wife that in order to do my work correctly I need to ponder around, stumble upon unnecessary information, get bored A.F, procrastinate and fidget with all those boring without logic tasks!

Don’t you wish you could always have those “AHA” moments that resonate with your brief and gives you the time to work on your handcrafted creative pitch? Well, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the creative industry darling, and you know it! I have experienced endless brainstorming sessions, beer gatherings, all-nighters at the office and head baggings on the wall to find THE IDEA; and I am sure you have too!

There’s a solution to your struggle and a process to ignite your creative spark!
Science says (not Simon), that in order to kickstart your brain into creativity mode you need to embrace the fact that it will not occur when you force it.

The first step, is to feed your brain with knowledge and information in order to put the groundwork and let your unconscious mind work with it! Well, as you may know, there is no shortcut for this step and it is really important that you do it actively (so not youtube passive audio listening here to mumbo jumbo).

The next step, is to let it sink in by getting into a more relaxed mood. If you have to take a break, do something completely different than the task you have, watch a Netflix series or a comedy show. Cat videos really help! In general, stimulate your brain with emotions without associating the task with them.

Finally, achieve a wide and soft focus.
This is something I read on NewScientist and is basically achieved by embracing thinking on new ideas when you feel you are the least able to concentrate. A beer session could also do the work as it hinders your “logic mechanism” and helps you shoot out ideas without filtering! As I am a night owl, I tend to have the best idea sessions early in the morning (or sometimes closely to waking up). In general, it is ok to do something that will remove all external stimuli and helps you focus on a light way into the challenge.

Are you an executive or a creative struggling with igniting your creativity each time a brief comes in? What is your secret ritual to spark the process and get the job done? Let me know on the comment line below!

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