Welcome to Your Coworking Home — how it makes everything… better!

Working from my home — isn’t that the pinnacle of freedom? No hours, no boss, no commute…

The first days felt great. After a week, I found myself turning in circles in my living room, bored and eating everything I could find in my fridge to fight the boredom.

I tried coffee shops. Too much of a hassle. In front of an army of laptops, I become a mercenary fighting for the right table, crawling to access the last available power source, ordering too many coffees… and repressing the need to visit the restroom because I don’t want to pack my computer and leave.

I tried coworking spaces. Honestly — why would I commute half an hour to downtown and pay expensive coworking memberships to be stuck in the same building every day? I chose to be an entrepreneur partly for the freedom and the flexible lifestyle. From what I experienced so far, people still put their headphones in a coworking space and it’s hard to make any meaningful connection there.

You got it — I feel homesick! I was literally longing for my quiet and comfy living room, with fast WiFi, great coffee, and homemade food. I came back home… and realized that I must not be the only one in this situation… Indeed there are millions of remote workers out there — check these stunning stats about the booming work from home economy. So how about… sharing?

We decided to do just that — welcome to hīven - the network of home-based coworking communities. Whether you’re a host or a guest, we’re committed to transforming your work routine into a productive and meaningful experience. And we started in Oakland, a kingdom of freelancers and entrepreneurs — and also because we just love Oakland.

“I work from home. I love hosting and having people over at my house, it just seemed like a great fit. Have people come over, and we all help each other focus and get a lot done.” — Adam, host

Adam is a cheerful financial counselor and entrepreneur, hosting 4 days a week on hīven.

Kelly is a freelancer working on social innovation in Oakland. After choosing her Hive for Wednesday, she was greeted by Adam, his wife, and their dog.

I spent half of the day indoors at the dining room table and the other half in the gorgeous garden, super comfortable outdoor furniture and strong internet signal.

“I loved co-working at Adam’s– the house is super spacious, clean, and light and best attraction of all was Kira (the lab)– she and I totally bonded, such a sweetheart!”
- Kelly, guest

Like Adam, we now have a dozen hosts in Oakland/Berkeley open for productive days! We call those homes “Hives”, and our coworkers “Bees”. Bees have access to all Hives, wherever and whenever they want, from a couple of hours to the whole day. Be ready for change, diversity, meaningful exchanges, outdoors, dogs— but most of all, meet a great community of local professionals. Reliable WiFi, yummy coffee/tea and good vibes guaranteed. More than a coworking opportunity, we are committed to building the future of work— fully flexible, home-based and community-driven.

We are all freelancers and entrepreneurs who are happy to share, stay in their own neighborhood and be your next coworking buddy.

Does this sounds great to you and do you live East Bay? Don’t wait — enjoy 5 free hours here !