30% Deposit Bonus: all you need to know

Lena Dorosh
Jan 6, 2020 · 2 min read
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We are proud to have such an outstanding community, that’s why we regularly offer you diverse bonuses and discounts. A 30% bonus for making a 3-month deposit is one of our permanent promos.
Keep reading to find out all the conditions on how to get and use it.

How to Get a 30% Bonus

  • First of all, you have to be the owner of the account and use paid Hive OS features for 2 weeks.
  • After these 2 weeks, you have to deposit 3 months’ worth of funds to your account. Then you will receive 30% of the deposited amount.

There is no need for you to calculate the deposit amount yourself. In case you are eligible to get the bonus, you will see the minimum amount in the “Your Funds” tab (feel free to pay more, but the minimum amount is required). After this, you can just deposit the money and enjoy your 30% bonus.

You can’t make a deposit in several payments — everything must be done in one payment. Apart from this, keep in mind the Coinpayments fee.

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Please note: if you are NOT eligible to get the bonus, the minimum amount sign will be missing. In this case, no deposit amount will lead to bonus generation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the minimum deposit amount is tied to the farm owner and his account. After it’s calculated, anyone can make a deposit to the farm. However, if the amount is enough, this is the farm owner who receives a bonus. To make it simple, the farm funded with the deposit amount must be tied to your account — otherwise, you won’t receive the 30% bonus.

How the Deposit Amount is Calculated

  1. The average daily expenditure per farm is calculated (only the last 14 days of using paid features are considered).
  2. Using the result, we calculate the average monthly expenditure.
  3. Then we sum up all the farms and multiply by 3 months.

Remember, that you don’t have to do this yourself. The exact amount you have to deposit can be found in the “Your Funds” tab.

Aware means a̶r̶m̶e̶d. Aware means grab your 30%,

And Have a Happy Mining! 🚀💰

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