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4 Ways to Save Money in Crisis with Hive OS

At the moment the entire world is facing a crisis due to the Coronavirus and economic decline. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrencies have also been affected — the exchange rates have dropped. While everything is trying to get back to normal, we can help you to get through the hard times. Keep reading to discover how to save money with Hive OS.

1. Use Hive OS for Free

With Hive OS, we offer you numerous useful features that increase the workers’ profitability and your income. Moreover, we give you an opportunity to use Hive OS at no cost. There are three ways to do this:

To install Hiveon ASIC firmware

To upgrade your ASICs, we developed custom firmware for Antminer S17, S17 Pro, S10, S9, S9j, S9i and T9+ (and we update this list regularly). Download and install one of our Hiveon ASIC firmware, increase your equipment’s efficiency to earn more, and use Hive OS for Free.

To use Hiveon Pool

Paid users can pay for Hive OS at the expense of a 3% commission of Ethereum mining on the Hiveon pool. Basically, you pay for using the pool, and Hive OS is free.

And if you are a free user mining Ethereum on Hiveon pool (or any other coins on any other pools), you can have 4 rigs for free (no fee is applied). You can learn more here.

2. Get a discount

If you have a large number of workers, you will pay for Hive OS less:

The discount applies to the total number of workers on your farms. For example, your first farm has 40 workers, and the second one is 20. The discount will be calculated based on the total of 60 workers (10%).

If we take the above-mentioned example of 60 workers, and consider that you have rigs ($3 per each rig), the standard price for all of them will be $180. But with the discount, you will pay $162. Looks rather inspiring, right? ASICs cost $2 each. So if you have 60 ASICs, the standard price is $120, and with the discount — only $108.

The same discount rules also apply to the Hiveon pool commission:

And if you are a free user mining Ethereum on Hiveon pool (or any other coins on any other pools), you can have 4 rigs for Free. You can learn more here.

3. Get a bonus

We offer several bonuses — a 30% deposit bonus and a 3% bonus for the deposit made in Stablecoins. Here are the instructions:

To make everything evident, let us provide you with an example. For instance, your deposit is $300. Then your bonus will be $90. That’s a rather good extra amount, right?

  • How to get a 3% bonus for the deposit in Stablecoins (any amount).

One more example. Let’s say that you deposit 120 USDT. Then the bonus will be 3.6 USDT.

4. Invite referrals

You can earn with Hive OS even if you suspend your own mining process — just join our Referral Rewards System. Some of our users earn over $1000 every month, and if they become your referrals, you will have a pretty nice passive income, won’t you?

To do this, you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up and get a referral link with your account ID;
  2. Share it on social networks, forums or blogs;
  3. New users that sign-up using your referral link will be marked as your referrals.

The reward will depend on the type of your referrals’ activity. There are two options:

Referrals who use only Hive OS

If a referral makes a deposit and adds miners, you will receive 10% of their daily payment for Hive OS. For example, a referral pays $3 today — you receive $0.3. If that’s $100 — you receive $10. In case a referral makes a deposit but adds no miners, the rewards system won’t work.

Be aware, a referral reward is counted ONLY when a referral pays for using Hive OS.

Besides, if there is a debt on the referral’s farm, the referral reward will be paid only after the debt is fully repaid.

Referrals who mine on Hiveon pool

If such referrals have more than 4 rigs and pay 3% (or less with the discount based on the number of workers) for Hive OS on Hiveon pool, you will receive 10% of the fee that they pay. For instance, a referral pays $60 — then you receive $6.

You can also create promo codes for new users to receive on their accounts.

Payments are usually done at the end of the month, in case the amount has reached the equivalent of $25. The payment is sent to the specified private wallet.

Now you know how to save money with Hive OS, and we hope that this knowledge will help you to get through the crisis. In case you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Stay healthy, wash your hands, and have happy mining!



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