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5 min readJan 12, 2020


Take a closer look to miss nothing.

From now on:

Pay per 5 minutes, not per day!

Billing is calculated with a 5-minute interval and those users who can mine for example only at a preferential (night) tariff for electricity, while having 5 or more rigs, will pay less per day. If your worker was functioning for only 1 hour, you will pay for 1 hour, not for an entire day.

4 free rigs rather than 3.

Hiveon OS is free for 4 rigs from today! They are free to use until you have more. If you add the 5th rig your farm will be charged for 5. You can have multiple farms, and if the total number of workers doesn’t exceed 4, you will pay nothing. If you have 5 farms with 1 worker in each, then all 5 will be billed.

1 rig is always free! 2–4 rigs are free under certain conditions (details below)

Pay for Hiveon OS on Hiveon Pool.

Now let’s check important Hiveon Pool updates for paid and free Hiveon OS users.


- paid users will be able to pay for Hiveon OS at the expense of a commission of 3% of ETC, RVN or ETH mining;

- free users can continue using Hiveon OS for free as long as they have 1 rig;

- free users who have 2-4 rigs can still use Hiveon OS for free in case they mine ETH, ETC or RVN on Hiveon pool.

So, you can choose between two options: to pay for Hiveon OS on Hiveon Pool (3% dev fee) while mining Ravencoin or Ethereum Classic, or pay $3/month per rig as usual.

You can switch to paying on Hiveon pool while creating a new farm or in the farm settings (see the screen below):

while creating a new farm
in farm settings

Payment on Hiveon pool is set on default, but you can switch to paying in Hiveon OS at any time.

Regardless of the chosen alternative, you can get a discount depending on the number of rigs. See the details below:


Free users get an additional 4th rig for free. Rig that mines Ravencoin or Ethereum Classic on the Hiveon pool OR any other coins on any other pools will be considered free.

1 Rig for Free without restrictions.

2 to 4 rigs: Free with restrictions (see the image below)

5 or more: paid.

More details below:


In the farm balance you will see the following table:

Let us explain what the amount column is.

So, every rig, if working with no interruptions for the whole day, reaches the rate 1. If the rig was switched between the pools, the rate would be divided accordingly: for example, 0.4 and 0.6.

In case the rig was working for only half of the day, the total rate is 0.5, while the divided ones will be (according to the example above) 0.2 and 0.3. In the amount column, you can see the sum of all the rigs’ rates for specific pools.

If you mine Ravencoin, or Ethereum Classic on Hiveon, you have to restart your miner to move to the new billing system.

Ravencoin, or Ethereum Classic mining on another pool (up to 4 workers) will be charged $3/month for each worker on Hiveon OS (*except for one free rig).

Attempts to cheat with the system will be billed to the full extent and can lead to a ban.

And now we will answer the questions which could arise after reading this article:

1. When can I have 4 free rigs?

4 free rigs are available if you:

- mine Ravencoin or Ethereum Classic on Hiveon Pool;

- mine other coins.

Mining Ravencoin or Ethereum Classic on other pools involves paying $3/month for each rig, starting from the 2nd.

2. How to move to Hiveon Pool?

You need to create a Flight Sheet using Hiveon Pool and apply it to workers.

3. Will ASIC users (not firmware) also have 4 free workers?

Yes, for ASIC users of Hiveon OS the number of free workers has also increased from 3 to 4.

4. How will the billing changes take the effect?

You can use 4 workers for Free. You will have to pay for mining Ravencoin, or Ethereum Classic NOT on Hiveon Pool: $3/month per worker in Hiveon OS, starting from 2nd rig.

For free users, there will be no dev fee on Hiveon Pool.

5. If I’m mining ETH, RVN, or ETC on Hiveon pool while doing CPU mining on another pool, will I have to pay a fee?

We don’t charge any fee for CPU mining in this case.

6. Hiveon pool. What’s interesting?

Pool website:

Mining Reward Type: PPS+ (miners are paid for each valid share that they submit to the pool). Servers are located all over the World. The hardware has been replaced with a more powerful one. . The pool is closely integrated with Hiveon OS.

To support miners in connection with the ETH merge, we charge a 0% RVN pool fee till the end of 2022.

So, now you are familiar with the updates and ready for the changes! However, if you still have any questions, we are always ready to answer them: just get in touch with us.

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