How to use Hive OS for Free and get a discount on the ViaBTC pool.

Liliia Nikitchuk
Dec 19, 2019 · 4 min read

Are you a Hive OS user?

If so, this article shares you a way to increase your income from BTC mining and use Hive OS for free within 4 months.

If no, let us show you benefit from using Hive OS in a few words.

Hive OS it’s an ultimate mining system whose main task is to provide the user with a convenient interface for mining on GPU rigs and ASIC miners while managing them by using a web interface.

Hive OS. What you’ll get:

  • Professional GPU+ASIC mining platform;
  • 200K+ workers under management;
  • 500+ coins;
  • 85+ supported miners;
  • one rig/worker can hold up to 19 GPUs;
  • Remote access to the farm from anywhere in the world: keep track of the general farm hashrates, online statuses, GPU errors, team activity, pool configurations, monitor power consumption to help make better decisions regarding cost-effectiveness as it relates to energy;
  • Installing in minutes, pool/wallet switching in seconds;
  • Plenty of out-of-the-box solutions for max profit;
  • Smart Telegram, Discord notifications: even if you’re not viewing the dashboard all of the time, you can set specific responsibilities for all members of the team and get notified when these are achieved;
  • Hiveon ASIC: latest firmwares for Antminers S9 (16.8 Th/s), S9i, S9j, T9+ (13.6 Th/s); extra 3–10Th/s compared to the stock firmware, up to 25% energy efficient improvement, speed up worn ASIC chips;
  • 24/7 remote support for rigs.

So, what’s the idea of collaboration?

Hive OS has entered into a collaboration with one of the top 5 Bitcoin mining pools in the world — ViaBTC.

The company boasts an extremely huge Bitcoin mining pool, which is currently the world’s fifth in its growth. Having innovated PPS+ payment method ViaBTC is now serving more than 1 million users from 130+ countries.

Below, we have gathered the main features of ViaBTC pool:

1. Safe and Stable.

Since the mining pool was online, it has maintained 99.99% uptime for many years and has the lowest orphan rate.

2. Open and Transparent.

Provides real-time detailed mining pool, user and miner hashrate data, displays with charts openly and transparently. At the same time, it provides statistics like mining pool, luck rate, and orphan rate for miners’ reference.

3. Low fees.

Supports PPS+ and PPLNS payment methods. With these two methods, the miners are allocated with the most cost-effective transaction fees of the entire network under the premise of the high uptime. A 4% fee is charged for the PPS payment system and a 2% fee for the PPLNS.

Other ViaBTC pool features worth checking out:

  • the world’s first BCH mining pool;
  • more than 10 coins available for mining;
  • high luck rate;
  • mining stably and efficiently: crypto assets are secured by cold wallet + multi-signature;
  • real Transparency: you can check the Hashrate of pools when needed. Easily monitor, control and calculate earnings;
  • a watchdog account (it’s convenient for hosting companies: allows you to monitor multiple accounts, the user can send devices to the hosting and monitor their status through the application on the phone or through the website);
  • daily payments;
  • minimum withdrawal amount: 0.0001 BTC (one of the lowest among large pools); there is no commission for withdrawing funds to any wallets.

ViaBTC makes up 8.4% of the whole network hashrate, is one of the top 5 mining pools in the world.

Apart from all these features, right now ViaBTC has an X’MAS gift system that offers lots of gift options for BTC miners and more profits for ETH miners.

Now, let’s get to clarify how to switch your BTC mining to ViaBTC pool, become Hive OS Referral and get Hive OS for free.

Hive OS + ViaBTC.
Free 4-month usage of Hive OS + discount on ViaBTC pool. How to get?

Step 1.

Create an account on ViaBTC website using this referral link to become a Hive OS referral. Find the “sign up” button, fill in the data entry fields, register.

Step 2.

Go to the assets/withdrawal section to bind the wallet, select Normal withdrawal and insert the wallet address.

Step 3.

If you need to make auto-withdrawal, which is available from 0.01 BTC, go to the assets section and enable the on/off button in the Auto-withdrawal switch section, go through verification and insert the wallet address to automatically withdraw funds.

Step 4.

Add your new ViaBTC account to Hive OS wallets.

Step 5.

Set up Flight Sheets and start mining.

That’s it. Enjoy your mining using Hive OS for free within 4 months* (is valid to the condition usage of ViaBTC pool during all period of promotion till April, 19th.) and get a 0.5% fee discount from ViaBTC mining pool.

*The promotion is valid by April 19th, 2020 and applies to everyone who will sign-up on ViaBTC by referral link and will be a Hive OS referral.

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