Where Hive Project will be in 3 years?

Hive Project´s focus is to provide new liquidity pools for small and medium-sized businesses. We are determined to transform the current invoice finance landscape by using blockchain technology to give small businesses access to finance without recourse to centralized intermediaries.

The Hive Project’s ultimate goal is to create a full marketplace with advanced trading analytics for peer-to-peer lending. This will rapidly increase the amount of liquidity available to small businesses and create a central database of invoices that are available for analysis. In addition to bridging the liquidity gap for small businesses, the technology provided by The Hive Project will help credit checks to be made on companies and facilitate rapid and real-time auditing.

We will discuss the future of Hive Project in Barcelona this week — we were selected to be presented at CoinAgenda, the Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors Conference!

With previous CoinAgenda winners having gone on to raise millions of dollars in follow-on funding (including 10 successful ICOs), we are honoured to be ranked among them! CoinAgenda attendees, prominent VC and investor judges will join more than 900 contributors to the Hive Project ICO, making it a true contender for revolutionizing the invoice financing industry.

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