Hiveterminal: Cutting-Edge Technology Solution Receiving Recognition

Dejan Jovanovic
Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read

When we came up with the idea of a blockchain-based invoice financing platform, we knew it had the potential to become something big. Now, on the brink of the product launch, as a result of hard work over the last year we received another confirmation that our tech and business model is a novelty in the FinTech industry. Months of hard work has paid off and I am proud to confirm that Hiveterminal’s unique blockchain-based solution and business model is patent-pending!

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Hiveterminal is focused on solving a problem many SMEs have and that is getting instant liquidity. Our solution gets SMEs the funds they need while providing small-time investors with opportunity to get returns they could not get if their savings were tied up in a bank account.

Invoice financing as a financial instrument is nothing new and companies have been using it as a means of insuring day-to-day liquidity for decades. What is ground breaking at Hiveterminal is the model that enables anyone to participate as invoice buyer not just exclusivity that banks has today, our evaluation algorithm, and our technology solution based on the blockchain.

Using the existing tools available for invoice financing means paying intermediaries to assess the risk of the transaction. The analysis often takes time and it is always based on older, potentially outdated and irrelevant, documents (e.g. publicly published annual reports of the company). Hiveterminal’s technology platform presents the tech ecosystem of blockchain technology, the integration of different corporate intelligence data sources, a proprietary scoring algorithm, and ERP data module, that enables us to establish a marketplace with real-time invoice rating that will gradually build a fully transparent culture of trust between actors involved in buying and selling invoice receivables. Transparency also enables Hiveterminal to implement a system that will immediately block any bad participant from
selling their receivables/payables.

Our legal representatives advise us not to share the exact patent details until it is officially granted to us, as it will give us the right to stop others from making, using or selling the invention without our permission, but as soon as we finish filing we will share the documentation with our audience.


Peer-to-Peer Invoice Financing Platform

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