Hiveterminal Invoice Proof of Ownership DAPP Released

Dejan Jovanovic
Mar 7, 2019 · 2 min read

We have been striving towards the highest possible level of transparency since day one of our journey. Thus, we are thrilled to share with you our latest release. We now have an integration between the Hiveterminal private blockchain and the public Ethereum network!

This release includes a verification tool to confirm the details of the purchase (as shown in the screenshot below) with our Proof of Ownership Decentralized application (DApp). This will allow users to obtain the confirmation that they have bought the invoice and own it from a decentralized source.

The mechanism works in a very simple manner:

  • All sold invoices have an entry log in our Proof of Ownership Smart Contract (0x86f7967c16e357c0beeadacb7cea3ac626bcfe71)
  • The invoice buyer will be provided with a transaction ID and an encryption key that will be needed to retrieve information from our smart contract

This integration will fulfill our promise on transparency and decentralized proof of ownership.


DAPP source code can be found at:

Proof of Ownership Smart Contract can be found at:

Peer-to-Peer Invoice Financing Platform

Dejan Jovanovic

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