Hiveterminal, Microsoft Dynamics 365FO and Microsoft Dynamics NAV: How Do They Work Together?

As mentioned in our latest blog, Hiveterminal recently reached a major milestone, the release of our long-awaited ERP plug-in for MS Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (365FO) and also for MS Dynamics NAV. The ERP plug-in is one of many recent additions to Hiveterminal that will streamline the invoice factoring workflow and provide a convenient way for invoice sellers to publish their invoices in a safe and secure way to Hiveterminal platform.

Developed in joint cooperation with our partner Adacta, the Hiveterminal team ERP plugin module is now available for installation on Microsoft Azure Market Place. With this release, we are once again pioneering blockchain adoption in the global invoice financing industry.

So, how does It Work?

Using the Hiveterminal ERP plug-in is incredibly simple. An SME using Microsoft Dynamics 365FO after installing the plugin module can simply pair its ERP with Hiveterminal by entering the API keys found in their company profile on Hiveterminal platform. To make sure all setups go smoothly, we have integrated a test connection functionality that will make sure all credentials and endpoint information has been entered correctly and that the user can upload invoices and import partners. The user will also provide and be able to customize the frequency of invoice aging, balance sheet, and income statement reports. We have set up sensible defaults for users who may be unsure about what the recommended values of those should be, along with a detailed explanation of each suggested value for all the reporting functionality modules.

With the setup step out of the way, a user can now begin interacting with Hiveterminal through its MS Dynamics 365FO. All the vendors entered in their MS Dynamics 365FO who are located in Slovenia will automatically be imported as Hiveterminal Partners and be invited to start using the platform. If the certain contact information is missing, Hiveterminal will pull in the available data and notify the user about which information still needs to be added.

The users can then select the invoices they would like to upload to Hiveterminal platform from the list of open customer invoices. If a company would like to send all the invoices for a specific vendor to the platform, the filtering functionality located on top of their open customer invoices view will help them narrow down the exact invoices they are looking for. With the invoices list filtered down to the desired length, they can click the column on the right-hand side to select the invoices to be sent to Hiveterminal. Those will then be synchronized automatically and the only action required for invoice to be factored is for the SME to set sales to expire date and to action the invoice for sale.

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I would like to invite you all to our Telegram channel, where great communication is being held between our users and team members. To join our Hiveterminal Official Channel, you will need to:

  • Register on Hiveterminal ( as either an invoice buyer or seller and pass the user verification process.
  • Using the same email used for Hiveterminal registration, you will then need to send your Telegram username to our email:

The Hiveterminal Support Team will personally verify that you are a user of Hiveterminal and add you to the new Telegram channel. It is open to all that want to talk about Hiveterminal, regardless of whether they currently own Hiveterminal Token (HVN) or not.