Hiveterminal: New Development Team to Meet Challenges Ahead!

Domen Ursic
May 25 · 2 min read

Hiveterminal has seen a lot of changes in company ownership and organization recently. In that spirit, we have now joined forces with a new development team. We could not be happier to be working with Kalmia, which has one of the best and most experienced teams of developers out there! With Kalmia, we now have a team of 20+ software and blockchain developers to make our product better, faster, and more reliable!

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Kalmia has become synonymous with great customer experience, exquisite software ingredients, great usability, cutting-edge design, and a top-notch tech stack and support services. Working on cutting edge products such as Doctrina, an e-learning platform that enables medical staff to continuously educate themselves on the latest topics, and Iskratel X10 (Iskratel is a leading European provider of communications solutions for the digital transformation of the telecommunications, transport, public safety, and energy industries). Kalmia and Iskratel worked together to develop a multi-platform unified communications VoIP client which is tightly coupled with an existing Iskratel UC solution. Their team has a lot of experience in blockchain development and is also building their own product Authtrail ( aimed at providing data integrity as a service at a high scale. We are already discussing how Hiveterminal can benefit out of it to become even better for our users.

We have been working closely with their team of blockchain and software developers, led by Dr. Klemen Peternel and Leon Pajntar. We are happy that the handover went smoothly and without any complications.

Together we have reviewed our business roadmap and set tech development priorities, which include manual onboarding for EU companies and different datasets for credit score calculations. Their team is already working on making it a reality!

We will share Hiveterminal‘s business and tech-development roadmap with the community soon, but our path is clear: develop functionalities so we can provide fast and low-cost liquidity to EU-based companies as quickly as possible!


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