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Hiveterminal Telegram: Closing Down the Old to Focus on the New!

After opening a new Telegram channel for verified Hiveterminal users, we’ve seen a rapid improvement in the quality of communication and much better involvement of us all — both our users and the Hiveterminal team. Our team is as hyped as ever to discuss functionalities, plans, and development, as well as to answer support-related questions to the public — just as we discuss with SMEs and liquidity providers at our many events in Slovenia.

But at the same time, we have witnessed the “dark side” of having a community-curated Telegram channel: the impersonations of Hiveterminal team members, misinformation and deceitful behavior of members with ill intentions. This could potentially lead many to believe that certain statements were made by us when, in reality, they were made by imposters — just as we have seen done by a scammer, who tried to impersonate our CMO — which could lead to actions that might be harmful to other members of the group. We cannot have this happen in a community we started so, after a long discussion with our legal aids, we decided to shut down the old Hiveterminal Community channel and put all our attention into our Official channel, where our team (Jure, Ugur, Domen, Gal, Dejan etc.) has already shown its eagerness to communicate with the users.

Due to impersonations, deceitful behavior from some anonymous users, and the potential for harmful consequences for our community members, as seen in the screenshots above, we are shutting down the community-curated Telegram channel.

Follow Telegram Announcement Channel for the latest news about Hiveterminal

As we already explained, our Telegram Announcement channel will remain a viable communication tool for Hiveterminal going forward and will remain the default channel for communicating news with supporters and contributors.

We would like to welcome all of you to the Hiveterminal Official Telegram channel where you can get the latest from the team! Everybody is welcome to join!

How to join Hiveterminal Official channel?

In order to join the new Hiveterminal Official Channel, you will need to register on Hiveterminal ( as either an invoice buyer or seller and pass the user verification process. Using the same email used for Hiveterminal registration, you will then need to send your Telegram username to our email: Our Hiveterminal Support Team will personally verify that you’re a user of Hiveterminal and add you to the new Telegram channel. It is open to all that want to talk about Hiveterminal, no matter whether they currently own Hiveterminal Token (HVN) or not.

So once again, you are welcome to join us in our Official Channel, where the team will gladly discuss our product.

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