Hiveterminal: WE ARE LIVE!

Jure Soklic
Nov 19, 2018 · 4 min read

This is it! We set out a year ago to help SMEs solve their with liquidity problems — more than 25 people in three countries worked day and night to make that happen — and we are now LIVE. Along the way, we received worldwide recognition from industry-leaders in Barcelona, won the community vote at prestigious Benzinga award ceremony in New York and made numerous headlines in all our go-to markets.

I am thrilled to announce that from this moment on, one of the first use cases of blockchain adoption in the real economy is here, ready for its scaling to international proportions.

Welcome to, a blockchain-based, global, invoice-financing platform!

Hiveterminal is making history in global factoring as one of the first real-life use cases of blockchain adoption in the international invoice financing industry. Being among the first to tackle this multi-trillion market while using the blockchain — the technology of tomorrow — we are leading the way in automatisation and trustworthiness, doing what the factoring industry will do in the years ahead. The World-wide Factoring Sector 2018–2022 report predicts that the global factoring market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 13.3 percent from 2018 until 2022. More importantly, it states that the advent of the blockchain in factoring services is inevitable and will reshape the industry! I am proud and thrilled the Hiveterminal team foresaw the industry’s future and is ahead of the pack, changing global industry, just like so many fintech unicorns have done in the past!

We Are LIVE!

Hiveterminal launched its business for companies (invoice sellers) from our native Slovenia, while invoice buyers (investors) can be from all countries — with some exceptions listed in our terms and conditions. Just as we announced in the past, Hiveterminal will be free to use for invoice sellers, making it the ideal tool for getting instant liquidity and building financial history. So, from this moment on, companies from Slovenia are able to upload their invoices and get instant and free liquidity, while invoice buyers from all around the world are able to buy their receivables, finding high-return investment opportunities in real the economy! For those in our community that have not yet registered for our platform, I would urge you to do so now and start trading the real economy!

What Comes Next?

With the Hiveterminal platform delivered, we will focus heavily on building our user-base both in our native Slovenia and globally (invoice buyers), while at the same time planning to enter new markets and working on improvements and new functionalities on the Hiveterminal. We have to stress that, just like with any other marketplace, the launch is only the first step and scaling will take some time. There is bound to be slow growth at the beginning as invoice sellers could not upload their invoices prior to the launch due to expiration dates.

Our marketing and sales efforts will focus on invoice sellers in Slovenia, thus, a-lot of content (commercials, ads, blogs and media coverage and sales materials) will be published in the local language only. But, there will also be a strong push towards onboarding industry leaders, traders, and community members of the blockchain world, to our platform as invoice buyers, since we believe our platform can help them diversify their holdings, bridging the gap between the crypto and real economies! Our team will therefore be dividing their efforts. On the one hand, they will be working in our native Slovenia with accounting services, ERP providers, large corporations, and local, national and international SME representative bodies. On the other hand, they will be traveling the world, presenting investment possibilities of Hiveterminal to crypto-communities and members of the international finance sector.

I would like to invite all of you to join and start using our solution! You can start trading real economy today!

Stay tuned for more exciting news we have scheduled in the days and weeks ahead!