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If he does any of these three things he’s married.

Maya’s Valuable lesson

continued from the last post

Lagos Men are a different breed of delicious evil.

Bode held my hand and helped me to my feet, now standing by his side, I realised how tall he actually was. Every passing second with him came with some more exciting revelations that made me feel like I was living some kind of dream and anytime soon I would be rudely awakened. I definitely was soon rudely awakened. She came with her full hair flying around her. Bode appeared to freeze for a moment, looking around before he put on a broad smile and outstretched his hands to pick her up.

“Daddy!”. Daddy? How was this little Indian kid his child? “Where’s your mom?” He asked still looking around. “You have a kid?” I asked him in bewilderment. He didn’t reply to me, his eyes fixated on someone coming from the distance. She had a scarf wrapped around her head like a Muslim woman, she looked Indian too, I could see her resemblance to the young girl. And when she spoke, her English seemed impeccable. She seemed really expensive and way older than Bode. “Hi, honey. We were done shopping and I decided to come here and pick you up. Did you get my message on Instagram?” Honey? Bode was married and I didn’t know. But I could swear that like 10 minutes ago, he was flirting with me.

Aren’t we all higher animals? Lagos men just bring the high.

Beatrice had told me several stories of how all the fine wealthy men in Lagos were married, and that at some point you just had to decide if you could leave with the guilt and go ahead with the relationship — this had been her defence for being with her current boyfriend. Bode turned to me and said, “Maya, meet my fiancee”. Okay, that was the explanation for the lack of a ring on his finger. “Asalamalakum”, she said turning to me with the cutest smile. Bode still wouldn’t look at me, all the lust had left his eyes. He seemed to be clenching his jaw. I was amused. I recalled Beatrice’s three-point proof to show that a man is married. She had sat across the room, sipping on her drink.

Played like the keys of a piano.

I could hear her voice now, laughing hysterically as I told her my story. Her three-point had been glaring now that I thought of it.

  1. If he is in a serious relationship, then be rest assured that he would definitely not give you his social media handle. Bode had said to me that he wasn’t on most socials and he often only used LinkedIn to reach out to his clients and maybe a bit of Tiktok for fun, but just now his wife had asked him if he didn’t get her message on Instagram.
  2. He won’t let go of his phone. I had a habit of scrolling through people’s galleries and just when he had shown me a meme on his phone to emphasize a point of his and I had swiped, he suddenly pulled his phone away. Making a joke about me running away with his phone, I thought it was weird at the time but he had backed it up with his irresistible laughter.
  3. He didn’t give me his number. He did ask for my number like I had wanted him to. But It just dawned on me that he didn’t even ask for mine. And I wish he had, I wanted to send him a very long message, a really wordy one too.

He said an awkward goodbye, patting me on my back like he hadn't been rubbing my feet like 20 minutes ago and telling me about how he had grown up in a staunch Christian home. Suddenly he had a wife named Amina.

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My phone buzzing in my bag jolted me back from my thoughts. It was Beatrice. She sounded very excited. It was some good news. “Hey Girl! Hiyalo launches on the 31st of July! Can’t wait for us to finally get our place together!” She went on babbling about all the things we could do to make our house heaven.

Another 30 minutes of excited rambling before I cut the call and made a promise to call her back with the most exciting gist. His message came in, “I’m so sorry Maya I was going to tell you eventually. We have a connection, you won’t let it just die like that, would you?” I let out the biggest cackle. Wasn’t God wonderful? He sent me an SMS. Time to send back a strongly worded reply.

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