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What you missed in EOS… | 12.16.2018–12.24.2018

EOS Periodical Edition #3

Welcome to the third edition of the EOS Periodical. We are HKEOS, a prominent block producer on the EOS blockchain and DApp incubator originated from Hong Kong. The purpose of our digest is to bring you a summary of the most impactful news and controversial topics in the EOS community. We embrace transparency and aim to facilitate access to EOS-related information for the community. Don’t miss out on the network updates by subscribing to our newsletters below!

EOS Hot Topics

1. Free EOS Accounts Giveaway

HKEOS is giving away free EOS accounts in collaboration with MEET.ONE Wallet to bring more users to EOS and promote EOS adoption in the global blockchain community. This limited-time only EOS account registration campaign was launched at 13:00 UTC on December 24th and is still ongoing. The number of free accounts is limited so be quick and grab your free EOS account NOW! Find out how to get your free account below:

2. EOS Ranks First in Blocktivity Activity Index

After 6 months from the EOSIO mainnet release, data from Blocktivity shows that EOS takes first place in its activity rankings. During the last 24h EOS has managed to perform 38M transactions — 533% more than WAX which ranks second in the same index.

3. EOS New York: Approaching Immutable dApp Architecture

“Good EOS governance means an efficient decision-making framework that reduces the need for trust between parties and accelerates growth.” EOS New York makes a compelling argument that the EOS mainnet has drifted from its main purpose and provides an intriguing solution for how we can get back on track. They propose how a service level relationship could exist between block produces and dApp developers through distributed permissions capable of updating sensitive smart contracts.

According to their proposal, the solution is to take advantage of the permissions system on EOS. By properly utilizing this permissions system, a developer can share the authority to update his or her smart contract code with one or more parties, removing a point of central failure and decreasing the need for users to trust a single developer or team of developers.

4. Scaling EOSBet

Faced with growing CPU shortages and constraints on the mainnet, EOSBet, a leading decentralized dice game built on EOS.IO had recently made an announcement that discusses different measures to scale their platform now and not wait for the future. Some of the proposed measures include moving to a different EOS.IO blockchain, a custom built EOS.IO sidechain, or state channels. The announcement has sparked discussion across the EOS community.

5. Gambling dApps Under Attack

More than 200 dApps have been launched since the mainnet launch and hacking attacks have remained one of the most common issues with EOS. According to the blockchain security firm PeckShield, several EOS gambling dApps had reportedly suffered roll-back attacks on December 18th, including EOS Max, BigGame, TRUSTBET, ToBet and BetDice. A total damage of 200,000 EOS resulted from the attacks against BetDice. The BetDice team later announced that it had suffered replay attacks and revealed details of the attack process.

dApp Ecology

1. REX on the Jungle Testnet

Rex (EOS Resouce EXchange), a new TPS record set and also part of EOSIO v1.6.0 Release Candidate 1, has been recently deployed on the Jungle Testnet. The Chintai team has integrated Rex into its web application, announcing the deployment of Alpha release for the Rex UI to the Jungle Testnet. Dan Larimer encourages the community to participate in Rex testing.

2. Adds a DEX Feature

In partnership with FINDEX, now has a DEX with over 30 tokens paired to EOS. Developed by HKEOS & EOS Cafe Block, is the fastest full block explorer for EOS transactions, accounts, tokens, prices and scatter, lynx and ledger integrations.

3. The Release of Scatter 10.0

Scatter had recently released the latest version of Scatter Desktop: Scatter 10.0. The new version is a complete revamp of Scatter Desktop where the User Interface and User Experience had been drastically improved.

4. EOS Lynx Releases Stablecoins

The EOS Lynx Wallet has recently announced a partnership with Carbon, a USD-backed stablecoin. Lynx users will now be able to send and receive USD stablecoins in seconds, fund them via bank accounts, and redeem them in wallet. Additionally, users will also be able to take those same stable coins and swap them for EOS on DEXeos, one of several EOS integrated DEXs.

5. privEOS Layer Announced

The Slant team has recently announced the launch of their new project privEOS testnet, a decentralized access layer to private data. Storing data always poses challenges for dApps. With privEOS, dApps will be able to store their private customer data decentrally and control via a smart contract who gets access to the data, under which conditions, and when. PrivEOS features a key management solution which makes operating with personal data easy for dApp developers and users alike. This will open the doors to many new possibilities for EOS.

6. Chintai Proxy Slate Reasoning

The Chintai team recently provided the reasoning for the second round of Chintai proxy selections. The additional 5 Block Producers are EOS Asia, EOS Authority, EOS Canada, EOS Cafe Block and LiquidEOS. Developed and maintained by EOS42, Chintai is a peer-to-peer token leasing platform that leverages the power of the EOS network.

Additionally, the team has also announced Chintai 2.0 enhancements and Q1 launch of the CHEX token, a token that can be mined through leasing, and OTC trading. CHEX token holders will profit on the basis of a shared revenue system.

Vote for HKEOS

HKEOS is a tech-focused block producer originating from Hong Kong. Pre-mainnet launch, HKEOS started the secure Ghostbusters testnet and launch scripts, and helped pioneer a redundant infrastructure model for launch. Since then, we have contributed to the community by creating the fastest EOS block explorer, building the worker proposal contract and platform, and writing a test suite program (EOS Test Cave) for EOSIO contracts. We are also one of the first dApp incubators and have partnered with strong teams including Uncloak, L2, and Lumeos.

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