America Funded Terrorism and Backed Terrorists

The U.S. is the largest state sponsor of terrorism



Mujahideen fighter with American supplied weapons. Credits:

The United States has engaged in various conflicts portraying the “enemy” to be savage, brutish, and not caring for humanity. While depicting themselves as the defenders of freedom, liberty, and all that is good in the world. But in many cases, this narrative that Washington spins is only to ensure public and political support for the overthrowing of regimes which they are not fond of.

Take the Gulf War as an example. The propaganda that the American public was bombarded by was to magnitude unseen before, with media censorship reigning supreme as the military was trying to overcome the issues experienced with public opinion during the Vietnam War. The information many journalists received came directly from military organised events and only certain journalists were allowed to interview military personnel, with senior officers present of course. The media freedom surrounding the Gulf War was carefully managed to ensure public support for the war remained and that no opposition formed.

All the while, Iraqi people were being pummelled with bombs dropped by coalition forces and starved to death by grotesque U.S. sanctions. Reports conducted by UNICEF in 1999, have stated that around 500,000 Iraqi children died as a consequence of the…