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Collection of Deans’ Portraits Captures HKUMed’s Progress Over 135 Years

Oil portraits of HKUMed’s 31 current and former deans hang on a curved wall
The collection of portraits hangs over the grand staircase in the Faculty Administration Wing
Artist Brendan Fitzpatrick sits on a stool in his studio in front of four portraits
Artist Brendan Fitzpatrick sits in front of his portraits of HKUMed’s current and form Deans of Medicine
Current and former Deans of Medicine from left: Professor John Leong, Professor Felice Lieh-Mak, Professor SP Chow, Professor Grace Tang, Professor Raymond Liang, Professor Gabriel Leung, Professor Rosie Young
Sir Patrick Manson is known as the father of tropical medicine
Professor Rosie Young, who is wearing a black jacket over a red blouse with a gold pattern, is painted against a red background
Professor Rosie Young was the first woman appointed Dean of Medicine
The portrait of Professor Gabriel Leung shows him wearing a doctor’s white coat over a black turtle neck. He holds a white face mask in his hands
Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of Medicine since 2013, was depicted on a bisected background



HKUMed is the longest established institution in higher education of Hong Kong. It was founded as the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese by London Missionary Society in 1887, and was renamed as the Hong Kong College of Medicine in 1907.

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