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HNB Tech Part II: Dual Token, Dual Chain

As the next generation of decentralized economies based on blockchain, HNB has adopted design principles of scalability, performance, security, and interoperability to create a high-quality ecosystem and community for hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses, which provides trading and various services.

The HNB blockchain system supports two native digital tokens, namely the asset equity currency HNB and the circulation stable currency HGS. In order to ensure the stability of HGS, HNB adopts dual-token dual-chain as the infrastructure. HNB as the equity certificate of the entire HNB economy community, the HNB holder is entitled to the right for dividends, voting, and trading, which is the basic prerequisite for users to enter the community for transactions. HGS, as the circulation currency of the economy, is linked to the fiat currency and has the function of transaction payment.

Dual-chain, that is, abandoning the traditional scheme of “one chain and all”, adopts the “one chain one contract” scheme to ensure that each contract can operate independently. This innovation greatly simplifies the architecture, reduces the pressure on data processing, and ensures that the surge in traffic on one chain does not affect the efficiency of the other chain. Any business carried out on the chain is not interfered by other services, effectively implementing resource isolation.

HNB’s core blockchain operation adopts the “dual chain and dual token” architecture approach. HGS and HNB operate in parallel based on the double-chain architecture, without affecting each other. The multi-chain architecture ensures improved performance, isolation, scalability, and ecosystem integration to support HNB community’s dual-token economic growth.

In terms of performance, the multi-chain architecture ensures that the consensus model state machines are independent of each other during the operation of the dual native digital token (HGS and HNB). The time-consuming operations, such as transaction checking, voting waiting, and database access, are converted from serial execution to parallel execution, by expanding the technical resources. System latency can be greatly optimized, IO blocking and execution time can be reduced, and system throughput can be increased.

In terms of isolation, the multi-chain architecture will share the channel and transaction processing between HNB and HGS. HNB and HGS chains cannot obtain transaction-related information, nor can they read or modify the other party’s ledger data. Physically separate the isolation of dual native token to ensure the isolation of HNB and HGS, and protect the privacy of users and transactions.

As for scalability, when the HNB underlying chain needs to be upgraded to HNB or HGS, the multi-chain architecture will allow a single chain to be upgraded separately without affecting other chain service execution. When the HNB underlying chain has increased chain requirements, the multi-chain architecture will easily add new chains, use cross-chain interaction technology to communicate with the original asset chain, realize the flow between digital assets, and ensure the high scalability of HNB.

HNB blockchain supports the heterogeneous ledger architecture and designs a unique dual-token ledger structure based on the currency characteristics of HNB and HGS. The heterogeneous ledger architecture greatly improves the availability of the ledger module and provides various ledger query services.

As a stable token in HNB community, HGS token not only satisfies the real economy payment between consumers and merchants but also can be regulated for inflation prevention via Algorithm Bank as part of HNB DAO. Unlike other “stabilized coins”, HGS is only circulated inside the HNB ecosystem, is immune to external maliciously capital that could destroy currency stability, thus protects investor assets.

At present, the demand for the cryptocurrency market is growing, and the requirements for the security, practicability, and reliability of stable coins are getting higher and higher. HNB team believes that user selection of HGS should be the right choice

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