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Jun 16, 2018 · 4 min read

The HNG internship since its inception has so far produced quality Developers. Year after year, it has hundreds and thousands of people registering to take part in it, but not all make it to the end.

In as much as HNG internship is interested in a few who is more concerned in discovering problems and proffering technical solutions to them by collaborating in real life project, it does not at the same time force one to quit; but rather graciously place two options before you every moment of your journey in it — stay or leave, the choice is yours!

Yes, it does give you an option…

Often times, you realise that even the best don’t get to make it to the end, neither the most skilled or the most perceived to be hardworking. And then, what calibre of people make it to the end?

One might also have a question bothering on the skill-set needed to be able to scale through… well, In the next few minutes, I will be answering those questions.

First of all before you think of hoping to make it to the end, you have to answer these questions…

· Why do I want to take part?

· I’m I ready to learn?

· Do I have what it takes to stay till the end?

It is of importance you answer these questions because, while HNG internship accommodates all motives it does not NOT include all motives to drive you till the end. Also, if you are not ready to be chessed out of your comfort zone, to stay awake while others are asleep, to deny yourself some comfort, while…. We leave the rest for another day. Also, most importantly, making it to the end is not for TOTAL beginners in programming.


· If you are joining hng internship for the first time and have other engagement, perhaps school, a full time job that requires alot , you are likely not to pull up till the end.

· If you are a total beginner in programming, I do not think there is any hope.

· If you are a big fan of procrastination. In the internship, you have to move quickly and each week you are expected to get to a new stage and that implies you get on a task and complete it as soon as it is given to you.

Even the most experienced programmers get dropped, so it is not basically how much you know, but how well and prompt you can deliver


· Your personal decision, that is; do you want to stay till the end or you just want to learn and it does not matter the stage you leave as far as you have learnt something?

· If you are a beginner as I had stated earlier, please get yourself familiar with the basics like HTML/CSS, JavaScript and maybe PHP.

· Also, a collaborating mind is needed. You cannot make it through the internship as a lone island, especially for the beginners.

· Also , paying extra attention to details matter. in the internship, you are not permitted to assume. when you do not understand the task given to you, ask for clarification, else you will spend days dwelling on one task.

· Be ready to devote yourself to studying and be open to learn new thing.

· And do not forget, the internet/google search was there for a reason. Make use of it!

According to Mark Essien

‘’Hng internship is not an Academy, and has no intention of becoming one…..’’

The internship is more concerned in a handful of folks who are ready to devote themselves in Learning Real-World coding, and only the best make it to the end.

Finally, to be a programmer, not just a programmer but a good one, it needs constant practice. And there is a difference between being a good coder and being an efficient one. While you are interested in getting yourself familiar with a programming language of your choice, do not forget to employ and inculcate efficiency, sticking to best practices, paying attention to details and always open to learning.

So, if you had always wanted to make it to the end of the internship but has not been able to, pay attention to these tiny details and give it a try again.


A 3-month remote internship program designed to locate the…

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