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CloudKitchens is now leasing the first of its ghost kitchens designed from prefabricated shipping containers, tailored to drive-thru pickup and delivery at 358 W. 38th Street near the University of Southern California. (Source: HNGRY)

CloudKitchens Turns Shipping Containers Into Drive-Thru Of The Future

Aerial drone footage of 358 W 38th St in South Central, Los Angeles. (Source: HNGRY)
CloudKitchens’ drive-thru alley spans an entire city block parallel to Grand Ave. from 38th-39th streets. (Source: HNGRY, Google Street View)
Grand Food Depot renderings of its multi-kitchen drive-thru concept. (Source: CloudKitchens)
Grand Food Depot features a small outdoor eating area for geared towards nearby USC students. (Source: HNGRY)
Rendering of a typical kitchen at Grand Food Depot. Spaces also come with a freezer and refrigerator. (Source: CloudKitchens)
McDonald’s former CEO explains how it’s leveraging technology to personalize drive-thru and other digital ordering experiences.
Top: High-end prefab homes in Amagansett and Brooklyn, NY(Source: NY Post) Bottom: Starbucks installed its first shipping container drive-thru in 2013. (Source: Starbucks Stories)
Kitchen Podular builds modular ghost kitchens that double as drive-thrus and pickup windows. (Source: Kitchen Podular)
CloudKitchens’ multi-tenant shipping containers double as drive-thru windows. (Source: HNGRY)



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