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As the pandemic brings our plates and pantries to the forefront of a global discussion, technology is shaping more of what and how we eat. In the first half of the year, food tech companies raised over $8bn. …

Startups and restaurant groups are leveraging underutilized kitchens to deploy celebrity-branded delivery concepts in thousands of cities across the US, offering a new revenue stream to large and small restaurants alike. (Source: Earl Enterprises)

What do Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Pauly D, Steve Aoki, and Travis Barker have in common? They’re all part of the inaugural class of celebrity-themed virtual restaurant brands deployed in ghost kitchens and existing brick-and-mortar restaurants seeking a new lifeline. According to Second Measure, as food delivery grew 158% YoY in…

Zuul Kitchens is unveiling its direct Market ordering platform that enables NYC residents and workers to order from 100+ dishes across six concepts for free.

All photography courtesy of Zuul

“Delivery as it exists today is a $26bn market that everyone hates,” says Corey Manicone, co-founder and CEO of Zuul Kitchens, NYC’s first ghost kitchen operator. “It’s one person delivering food from one restaurant to one location. It’s tough to find a winner in that…

Pizza makeover: Slice’s Accelerate program invests $15,000 in independent pizzerias like Pizza Mia in Staten Island, NY to help transform their physical and digital consumer touchpoints.

All photography courtesy of Slice

While Papa John’s and Domino’s experienced impressive Q2 YoY same-store sales growth at 28% and 16% respectively, another platform powering 14,000 independent pizzerias’ online orders saw its core segment double their sales volumes. That platform is the New York-based Slice, which is steadily inching its…

Deep cover: HNGRY investigates Amazon Fresh’s new “dark store” delivery service from a driver’s POV over the course of two days.

Photography by Patrick Fallon for HNGRY

A year ago, Professor Carlos Moreno of the Paris-Sorbonne University coined the idea of a “15-minute city,” a proposal to transform “mono-functional” urban centers into highly accessible, polycentric cities that support the six essential urban functions of living, working, supplying, caring, learning, and enjoying

CloudKitchens is aggressively expanding into 25 nationwide markets through acquisitions of non-traditional real estate like the warehouse above in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, FL. (Source: Big Move Properties)

Molson Coors and HEXO Corp have unveiled five product lines of THC and CBD-infused beverages and tinctures aimed at targeting new occasions where alcohol may not yet exist. (Source: Truss Beverages)

There are 140 billion global beverage occasions per year and if Molson Coors gets its way, a good chunk of those will eventually be celebrated with cannabis. In 2018, it formed a joint venture with HEXO, one of the largest publicly traded cannabis companies in Canada, under the Truss Beverages

Postmates is testing a new ghost kitchen model in Los Angeles that licenses its top selling brands to caterers in existing commercial kitchens like the former French fine dining restaurant, Spring.

Photos by Patrick Fallon for HNGRY

When it comes to ghost kitchen models there are real estate plays like CloudKitchens on one side, pure-play subleased facilities like Kitchen United and DoorDash Kitchens in the middle, and asset-light franchise models on the other. Postmates is making its debut into the space…

Levels is a new behavioral change tool that helps individuals understand the impact of their diet, exercise, sleep, and stress on their metabolic health. (Source: Levels)

97% of Covid-related deaths are associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Americans cannot afford to continue to shut down our economy and overwhelm our healthcare system each time we face a new pandemic.

Kitch is a new marketplace for flexible commercial kitchen rentals by the day or month, powering new innovative delivery-only expansions while providing new revenue streams to commercial tenants and landlords.

When it comes to leasing shared commercial kitchen space for off-site catering, prep, or delivery, there are generally two routes: multi-tenant facilities like Cloud, Amped, and Hana Kitchens or a growing number of restaurants, hotels, and clubs with underutilized kitchen space due to the pandemic. The latter is only growing…


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