Frustrated Job Seeker Blows Up Company For Rejecting Job Application

By Parhelion, ADABRAKA

After an insipid job interview ended with the usual false assurances of a callback, a disgruntled job seeker planted a bomb at the company and blew it straight to hell.

Elikem Doe, a 25-year old resident of Nima, has been arrested for causing the explosion that destroyed Ironfist Industries — the company that did him wrong — and severely injured 10 people last night in Adabraka.

The accused, who’d been job-hunting ever since the factory he previously worked shut down three months ago, applied for a job at the company in question.

Police investigations revealed that after the interview, Elikem visited a local bar in the area where he complained to anyone who stood still long enough about how Ironfist had disrespected him.

He allegedly fumed over how “that piece of shit CEO” had made him wait a good four hours before bothering to show up for the interview and hadn’t even apologized for his tardiness.

Witnesses confirmed that with each tot, the accused grew angrier and slammed all employers for having “a God complex” and vowed that he’d “show those snotty bastards with iron fists where power truly lies” when they found themselves in the same unfortunate situation as him.

He then went to a nearby internet café where he googled “How to blow up a company”, and based on the search results, he frankensteined a homemade bomb.

Elikem returned to Ironfist Industries around 11:30 PM that very night and sauntered right past the two security guards — one of whom was blind while the other was asleep — and set the bomb.

The ensuing explosion pulverized Ironfist Industries and caused serious injuries to 10 people in the vicinity, including the two security guards.

The fire department arrived in time to contain the fire following the detonation before it caused further damage.

Attempts to reach the accused’s family members in Ho have proved unsuccessful thus far.

Elikem, who is set to stand trial next week Monday, has expressed mixed feelings over his dastardly actions, lamenting that he’d “missed my true calling as a bona fide bomb-maker.”

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