Blame Feschuk not Kessel

In the aftermath of Randy Carlyle’s firing, Phil Kessel was thrust into the spotlight. Generally speaking, athletes, like all public figures, should be responsible for their own words and actions. But, when a reporter (and the term is used loosely here) asks, “Are you difficult to coach,” the table should be turned.

Perhaps instinctively protecting their own, no Toronto sports media outlet has called out Dave Feschuk for setting up Phil Kessel. Just what sort of intelligent, thoughtful answer was he expecting? Given Kessel’s famous reticence and predilection for being moody, the question is all the more malicious. You do not put a brownie in front of a diabetic. You do not invite an alcoholic for drinks. Not unless you expect them to succumb to your bait.

Dave Feschuk is an not idiot, as Kessel declared. Instead, he is a calculating but misguided reporter who wants to make his name at the expense of others. Lest we forget, he is the scumbag who called up Reimer’s mom.

Let’s point the finger where it belongs. #BlameFeschuk. Not Kessel.